Faa is a character of SWRP. She's a young bouncer smuggled from her home planet Ruusan.

Background Edit

Smuggled Edit

After a long fly over the desert of Ruusan, Faa was resting in a canyon, protected from the wind. She hadn't noticed a group of humans which passed nearby. Seeing the creature, they captured her with a net and bring her back in their ship, refusing to release her despite her requests. Once the ship's storage room was full by the crates the crew loaded from a hidden cave, the engine roared and the ship left the atmosphere to prepare to a jump in the hyperspace.

But the jump didn't happened as expected by the pilot. The ship spawned in emergency in an unknown system. As the scanner detected a breathable planet, the captain commanded the landing in a glare of the huge forest, far from any apparent sentient livings, and the crew started to review the ship functioning.

Worried to much by this incident, none of the crew members noticed one of the crate damaged the lock of Faa's cage. As they had their back too the bouncer, she rushed out of her cage, pushing a man standing at the door and flew away over the forest, carried by the wind. The captain swore for having lost their prey, but as they weren't equipped to follow her, they gave up any idea of a pursue.

She flew one full day over the forest until she noticed a shore and, when she got close, not so far, a pier with a small green sentient walking with the help of a stick. As he appeared to be harmless for her, she appeared in front of him and presented each other. This is how she met John, apprentice of the Potentium Order, and learnt she was on Zonama Sekot planet.

Return Edit

John brought Faa to the Potentium followers, which were surprised to see an outsider creature. She communicated with them, especially Flint Mokeev, Cobalt Ra'ann, Riven and Lanya Windlow, showing some of them images of her homeworld, then she presented herself after she was given a stick to write on the dirt.

As she was very tired by this adventures, Flint bring her to a room in the Cantina, near Lanya's and she was touched by the dream of the little Ferroan.

The next day, she was awakened by the noise of the combat training Salene Lusch was giving to some of the apprentices and spotted out of her room. After a more larger description of her life on Ruusan, Flint prepared his ship to bring her back home.

Faa in the Desert

Faa in the desert

Faa, escorted by Flint, John and Riven drove to Russan and landed at the Jedi academy. There they were took in charge by a knight which presented them to master Don Gaton. They talked a while, and the Jedi showed Faa the way to the windy desert.

Faa thanked all her new friend and, bouncing on the columns, went up to the hight wind stream then disapeared at the horizon.