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FBRP United's logo made by Atiniir Ala'verd (Fett1138)

Facebook Roleplayers United also known as FBRP United is a non-RP-official mandalorian clan on Second Life.


FBRP United is comprised of multiple individuals who are involved in Star Wars Roleplay on Facebook, the clan is made up of players who lead different empires, confederacys, clans, and force-using orders on Facebook; but come together as one clan on SL.


  • Ani'latoon'alor Nico Fett: Nico is the founder of the clan, as he was the first member from Facebook Roleplay to become active on Second Life. He is the primary tenant of the clan's headquarters based in Mos Espa. Nico is the leader of the New Mandalore Confederation in Roleplay on Facebook, as well as brother to the current mand'alor of RP there.
  • Alor'ad Sectator : LordSectator is the clan's second-in-command, he was promoted to this position due to his high-activity levels in RP and basic knowledge of SWRP sims. Sectator (Darth Symons on FB) is the emperor of the Empire of Argentum on Facebook Roleplay.
  • Mand'alor Atiniir 'Ala'verd': Atiniir Ala'verd (Fett1138) is the "Mand'alor" of the clan, due to FBRP not being an official mandalorian clan in RP this is merely a figurehead position held by Atiniir. Atiniir is not actually affiliated with RP on facebook, he is a friend to most mandos there.

Verd of the clanEdit

  • Ala Vizsla: Ala is a mandalorian warrior for the clan in SL. He is a high ranking mando official in The New Mando'ade Keg'yce in Facebook Roleplay.
  • Cassus Harkas: Cassus is a mandalorian warrior and scout for the clan in SL. Cassus is a follower of Nico in the New Mandalore Confederation in Facebook Roleplay.
  • Gladios: Gladios is a mandalorian warrior for the clan in SL. Gladios is known as Federal Baron Simitar in Facebook Roleplay and is the leader of the Federation of Planetary Lords as well as an important diplomat in facebook's Galactic Senate.
  • Xarga Ordo: Xarga is a mandalorian warrior for the caln in SL. He is a bounty hunter involved in Facebook Roleplay.
  • Lord Scientia: Scientia is a mandalorian warrior for the clan in SL. He is the second to the chancellor of the Galactic Senate in Facebook Roleplay.
  • Danielle Evanah: Danielle is the clan's resident femmando in SL. Danielle is a regular galactic resident on Facebook.

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