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Farlonis was born directly into the sith teachings with his parents both being in a deep believe of their teaching. With his parents sith and being born on Korriban it was no with no doubt that he had begun learning their ways very quickly.

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He spent all his time of his childhood learning the ways of the sith. He had advanced extremely quickly having already reached sith lord in his teens. Farlonis left Korriban when he became a lord with his family freinds and followers creating a large academy on a uncharted planet creating "Fiertze Academy" after the name he was following at that time. Before the acadmey and order was 1 year old the planet academy and students were destroyed Farlonis being missing apprently going into the unknown regions of space not to return for 3 years.

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3 years later Farlonis returned to the known regions of space landing on Yavin IV. Attempting to make ammends for his past he attempted to join the jedi order there. He left in a day to join the "Cult of Ragnos". There he relearned the ways of the sith under Master Jered. He learned new ways of the sith better then what he had learned on korriban as a child and after perfecting his skills left as a sith lord again to make his own order this tiime on the side of the grey.

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Farlonis is normally a very calm and settled man. Despite his strong past with the sith he doesn't search out combat but instead tries to aviod it in situations if possible. However Farlonis does have a temper and if provoked he does strike out at enemies. Takes a lot to push him to violence though.

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