Faultline is the youngest of three children in one of the families that used to be the richest in Naboo. He was born in 306 ABY. He had one brother (Fesal) and one sister (Cioress). They were children of Krotaar and L'uki. His father (Krotaar) was a historian, admirer of the Jedi culture and he always tried to transmit his admiration to his offspring, but he only succeed with Faultline. When his family died he was all alone in Yavin IV training to become a Jedi.

Childhood Edit

When he was just a toddler he was told a lot of tales about Jedi history. Such as the Battle of Naboo, the Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars... All of these stories woke up Faultline's admiration for the Jedi, as well as his lifetime wish to become a respectful Jedi Knight.

He asked a lot of times to be sent to a Jedi Academy, but his father didn't believe that his son had what it takes to become a Jedi.

Faultline: "Dad, just let me try."

Krotaar: "I'm not sending my 5 year old son away from his home-planet  just because he thinks he may become a Jedi. You have my blood. If I couldn't become a Jedi, you can't become a Jedi."

-- Krotaar refusing to send Faultline to a Jedi Academy.

Homework Edit

When he was 6 years old he received his first homework at school, which was writing on a piece of paper what would he like to be as a grown. He wrote a full page in which he explained that he wanted to become a Jedi and why. As he was growing up, his lifetime wish was growing too. And everybody who knew Faultline knew that he wanted to become a Jedi. Because of this, people used to laugh at him and even bully him. After this he was scared of going to school, but he believed it was a trial to control his fear. It took him years to get rid of that fear though.

Anger Rising Edit

Another day of school at his 11 years old he went once again to school trying to control his fear. He did something he shouldn't have done, because when he saw his bully, his fear turned into anger so when the bully approached he started insulting Faultline and laughing at him while everybody was watching as they laughed too. Then Faultline closed his eyes and screamed at the bully. When he opened his eyes the bully had been thrown against a wall and he was lying unconscious on the floor. 

After this he was expelled from the school for a week. He went home and explained his parents what happened. He took his father to have a private conversation, in which he explained he believed he could use the Force, but he couldn't control it.  

Faultline: "I didn't touch him, but I threw him against the wall. Everybody saw it."

Krotaar: "If what you're saying is true, indeed you can use the Force. But you cannot control it and that could be dangerous."

Faultline: "So what am I going to do?"

Krotaar: "I'll send you to Yavin IV. With luck you will join the Kalway Order of the Jedi and they will teach you how to control the Force, as well as use it only for good, never for evil."

Faultline: "Am I going to be a Jedi?"

Krotaar: "I did not say that. It's not that easy to become a Jedi."

Faultline: "Is it very hard?"

Krotaar: "I don't know how hard it is, but it's not easy. Anyway you must try. I'll travel with you to Yavin IV. Once we arrive I'll come back to Naboo and you'll be all alone."

-- Faultline would be finally sent to the Jedi Academy in Yavin IV.

What he didn't see Edit

When Krotaar left Faultline on Yavin IV he headed back to Naboo. When he arrived home he found it burning. He saw L'uki lying on the floor with a stab wound in her chest, but she was still alive. She told him that Fesal and Cioress were inside the house. Krotaar realized that they were dead. The house had been completely burnt to the ground. L'uki told Krotaar that a strange man with what it seemed to be a lightsaber was the one who did that. The family was known by a few for being one of the richest one of Naboo, and someone wanted them dead. L'uki died after a moment and suddenly Krotaar's spaceship exploded. He turned back and he could just see a lightsaber for less than a second before a man cut his head with it.

Padawan Edit

After finishing his studies two years later, a 14 year old Faultline and his father headed to Yavin IV. Once there, Faultline was left there all alone. He met Master Atlantis, who guided him as a KOJ Hopeful. After a year in Yavin IV and a few months as a Force Adept, he finally found a Master: Kronantus Jokar. Unfortunately, Master Jokar already had a Padawan and wasn't allowed to take another one so Faultline had to find another mentor, although Jokar taught him the basics. He had already built his lightsaber and finally after a few days Master Sari Khandr took him as her Padawan, although this didn't last too long. Faultline had reached the second level as a Padawan when Sari left Yavin IV, so once again Faultline had to wait for another Master who wanted to train him. After a month, Master Atlantis took him as her Padawan and he started his training over. Oddly Master Jokar's Padawan, Trakker, became one of Faultline's best friends in the Order.

Training Edit

FaultTraining 001

Faultline training with his Apprentice lightsaber.

Faultline didn't learn much from Master Jokar. It was with Sari with whom he started learning about the Jedi Path. He focused on physical training and the use of the lightsaber as he wanted to become a guardian when the time came. He also learned to fly and to fight while flying. When Master Sari left Yavin IV he started over with Master Atlantis, and he had pretty good martial skills and lightsaber skills. Also, while he had no Master after Sari left Yavin IV, he used to go to the wilds everyday to train by himself. And despite he's chosen the Guardian Path, he trained his Force skills too.

First fight Edit

One day Faultline was told to assist in the medbay so he headed there, but there was nobody. When he just passed through the exit door he saw a strange man standing a few meters in front of the building. The man asked him for one of the Masters of the Kalway Order of the Jedi. Apparently the Master he was asking for was his old Master. When Faultline told him that he didn't know that Master the man didn't hesitate in drawing his red lightsaber. Faultline realized that he was a Sith. He quickly drawed his Apprentice lightsaber. He knew he probably would lose the fight and even he'd die, but he wasn't afraid of the Sith. The Sith attacked first by jumping high until he landed behind Faultine and started attacking him with the lightsaber pretty fast. Faultline could block every attack but the last one, which sliced his right forearm. Faultline fell to the floor and screamed in pain. When the Sith was about to finish Faultline, Master Dro Plund approached quickly as he had sensed the battle. Master Plund could surpass the Sith in combat easily, so the Sith escaped. Faultline was taken to the medbay by Master Plund, then he was implanted a cybernetic hand with its forearm.

Resisting the Dark Side Edit

One day Faultline and his Master Atlantis travelled to Naboo so he could visit his family after a long time without seeing them. When they arrived to the place where his house used to be, he found that the house was being under contruction and he wondered what happened to the house and where his family was. They had been followed by the Sith who was responsible of the death of Faultline's family and the destruction of his home. The Sith made his appearance quietly and he had a little chat with Faultline and his Master. According to what the Sith said, he was told to kill every member of Faultline's family including him, and that's why they had been followed by the Sith.

Faultline became enraged after hearing the truth. He did draw his lightsaber and started thinking how to attack the murderer of his family. The Sith could sense the anger and the hate in Faultline so he tried to convince him to give in to the Dark Side in exchange for sparing his life. After a few seconds doubting and helped by the words of his Master, Faultline finally turned his lightsaber off and denied the Sith's offer. After that the Sith quickly jumped on Faultline as he drawed his lightsaber and stabbed him in the chest with it. Then he quickly left as he knew that he was no match for Master Atlantis.

Atlantis healed Faultline with the Force in order to give him some time, then she quickly took him to the medbay on Yavin IV, where he was healed. In this trip Faultline learned to control his rage and thanks to that he could resist the Dark Side.

Last steps as a Padawan Edit


Faultline's Knighting Ceremony at the Kalway Order of the Jedi Temple.

As soon as he reached the fourth and the last level of Padawan with 17 years old, he started completing all his tasks, such as creating the ligthsaber he would use once he became knighted or the Flight Trial. Also he gave his Padawan lecture at the lecture hall of the KOJ Temple. His lecture was about the comparison of the titles that nowadays address Jedi Knights with the traditional titles adressed to Jedi Knights. He pointed that the current nobility titles (Sir/Lady) could lead in particular cases a Jedi Knight to arrogance and, in extreme cases even to the Dark Side after a process of moving away from the Jedi Path which follows the arrogance. He also provided information about the first time that Jedi started being called by nobility titles. One part of the information that he provided was wrong, but it was quickly corrected by Master Plund. After the lecture Faultline had to do the Trial Of Knowledge, which was a test about all that he learned as a Padawan. Once he passed it he was ready to become a Jedi Knight. After a few days his Knighting Ceremony took place and he left behind his times of Padawan and continued the Jedi Path as a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight Edit

Knight 004

Faultline as a Jedi Knight.

Faultline became a Jedi Knight at the age of eighteen despite all the obstacles he had to face. His lifetime wish had become true. Although his training took place in the Kalway Order of the Jedi and he was fully trained by Master Atlantis Faultline's little time training with Sari Khandr made him support the Traditional Jedi Path, so he considered himself a Traditional Jedi. This changed when he fell in love for the Jedi Knight, who had been trained by him. And so Faultline supports the Traditional Jedi Path but after his experience with he saw no point in forbidding romantic love.

First fight as a Jedi Knight Edit

Ironically his first fight as a Jedi Knight was against the same Sith who cut his forearm years ago and who had killed his family. The fight between the two Force Sensitives was intense and lasted almost one hour. When both battlers were tired and wounded the Sith made his last attack, which consisted in placing his hand on Faultline's ribcage and using Force Storm against him. The Sith's attack succeed but Faultline managed to cut the Sith's whole arm before being thrown meters away and falling unconscious. The Sith was too weak to finish Faultline plus his lightsaber had been broken, so he returned to his ship and left the planet.

Taking a Padawan Edit

Not too long after becoming a Jedi Knight Faultline met, who was an Adept in KOJ. After a few days Faultline took her as his Padawan and with the approval of the Council he trained her in a Traditional Jedi way. During training, both started to share mutual feelings and after her Knighthood, they started dating. After a few months as a couple they had a private wedding on Yavin IV.

Disappearance and becoming a father Edit

After a few months, he left Yavin in order to track a Sith Lord that had been causing trouble in many different planets. While he was heading to Bakura to start the search he was attacked by a starship. His ship was seriously damaged and he had no choice but to avoid the rest of the shots and try to lose his attacker. He got to the unknown regions of the Galaxy before having to do an emergency landing on the nearest planet. He made it on a small rocky planet, and he had to survive there for eight months months until one day a spaceship landed on the planet. Apparently a kind of primtive culture used that planet to gather raw materials. They rescued Faultline and took him with them to their planet. Once there they took care of him and provided him some tools to repair his damaged ship. They couldn't give him a spaceship because they only had one. It took him two months to repair the ship so it could get him back to Yavin.

Back on Yavin, the first thing he did was looking for. Meeting her again after ten months was a happy moment for both, but the happines grew bigger when he was told that he had had a daughter named Elizabeth, also known as Ellie.

Duel against Darth Draco and death Edit

Darth Draco: "Now it's you and me, Jedi."

--Darth Draco to Faultline after stabbing.

Faultline facing Darth Draco.

After a few days spending time with Ellie on Yavin, Faultline decided to resume his search and travelled to Nilash III, but this time went with him. When they landed on the planet, both immediatly realized that the Dark Side energy there was intense. While they were advancing they found a huge building that seemed to be some kind of facitilies and they decided to enter, but as soon as they did they ran into a dark sider who seemed to have been waiting for them. He was a Sith Lord named Darth Draco.


Darth Draco thinking about how to stun Faultline again.

The Sith didn't hesitate in igniting his double-bladed lightsaber and attack the two Jedi after threating them. The duel was long and intense and the Sith seemed to have mastered lightning abilities, as it was a powerful Force Lightning what stunned Faultline for several minutes. managed to avoid the lightning attacks and keep fighting the Sith. As the duel between them both progressed the Sith was analysing technique, and after every blade collision he knew better how to defeat the Jedi.


Faultline cornering Darth Draco.

The battle took them to a platform in the highest floor of the facilities, where the Sith was decided to kill. His attempt was thwarted by Faultline, who joined them back right on time to save his wife. In that moment it was two versus one again, but now the Sith knew how to break defense. He had to stun Faultline again, but this time he knew that the lightning wasn't going to work as the Jedi would expect that, so he had to find another way. Both Faultline and threw an offensive to Draco, but he managed to block their attacks without making too much effort. Then he found a weakness in Faultline's defense and decided to took advantage of it in his counter attack, but threw her vest to the Sith and blinded him for a few seconds which Faultline used in order to attempt to stab him in the chest. However, Draco managed to avoid the attack and he was only hurt in his shoulder. He pushed with the Force and jumped in order to use a powerful Force Lightning against Faultline, but he jumped as well and striked the Sith with the lightsaber before he could do anything. stood up and jumped high landing behind the Sith so he was threatened by both sides. Both Jedi attacked again, and this time there wasn't a different result as the Sith managed to block all the attacks despite of having been injured. He pushed Faultline with the Force attempting to throw him off the platform, but the Jedi fell on the floor of it without falling down the facilities. attacked Draco while he was focused on Faultline, but the Sith quickly turned around and with a violent movement he broke the Jedi's guard with one blade and stabbed her in the stomach with the other. When Faultline stood up he saw Draco retiring the blade from his wife's body. The Sith stared at Faultline and teased him while anger started to grow in the Jedi.


Faultline tried to calm down remembering the Jedi Code, but in front of him there was his dying wife and the person who did that to her. He turned his lightsaber off and jumped on Draco, punching him over and over again. Then he grabbed him by the neck with one hand and with the help of the Force he lifted him and threw him off the platform. The Sith died once he reached the floor. After watching him falling down the facilities Faultline hurried to assist his wife. He tried to convince her to leave that place as soon as possible and return to Yavin so she could be healed, but refused saying that it was too late. In her last words, asked Faultline to take care of their daughter Ellie and she also said that she loved him. When she died, Faultline took her body back to Yavin and organized a funeral which only he attented to.

Faultline: "Don't do this to me. Please, don't die."

"There.... there is no death.... there is.... the Force."

Personality and traits Edit

As a kid Faultline had a happy nature, he smiled to everybody and talked to them in a cheerful tone. When he arrived to Yavin IV everything was new to him so in the first days he had a quite shy mood. But progressively after meeting some people and being accepted as a Padawan he turned again into the Faultline he used to be.

Yavin 001

Faultline enjoying solitude on Yavin IV.

This changed a few years later when he discovered that his family had died. Since then he always tries to be kind and to give a smile to everybody, but this happy mood he shows isn't his nature anymore. Despite of resisting the Dark Side after discovering the death of his family he now lives with a trauma which, although he's progressively overcoming, it has changed his nature forever.