"Fear" is one of the several assasins in the Sleepwalker Clan. He is best known for his tactics that revolve around the emotional trauma of fear.


Born on Dathomir, Fear was orphaned at a young age and spent his youth in Slavery. In accustomed to the Slavers contract, all slaves, including fear himself, had their tongues removed to prevent any form of uprising. He was often whipped and beaten by his masters during the day, and was forced to sleep in a cramped cage at night. This had caused the young Zabrak's spine to hunch over, forcing him to crawl rather than walk.

During one of his scheduled beatings, the slavers had come across a Sleepwalker Assassin, whom was ordered to kill those responsible. This specific assassin was the Sleepwalker's current Fear assassin, which caught the attention of the young Zabrak.

Once the slavers were killed, the child slaves ran and hid from the Assassin, terrorized by his mimicked appearance of a spider and haunting glares; except for the young Zabrak. Even with a hunched back, the Zabrak stood as tall as he could and faced the embodiment of Fear itself. With the constant beatings and bone chilling sleeps, the Zabrak had grown a tolerance to fear. Because of this action, the Fear assassin snatched the Zabrak between his arms, and took him in as one of his own students.

Throughout the years of his young life, the Zabrak learned the assassin lifestyles and combat tactics under the watchful eyes of the Fear. Though the Zabrak could only reply in grunts and gurgles, he made it his duty to excel at every lesson handed to him.

The Zabrak remained at the Fear's side during his stay at the temple until Fear was sent on another assassination. He was ordered to kill a Coruscant Senator, who was a high-ranking veteran from a recent war. his assassination was to be done before his inauguration, so Fear set out immediately. Unfortunately, Fear had failed in assassinating the senator, and was beheaded by the man's vibroblade. Being his best student, The Zabrak was ordered to carry out the late fear's contract. Donning the same uniform and equipment of his deceased master, the Zabrak managed to sneak passed the senator's guards, and attack the senator as he stood at his podium, in front of his audience. Before the Senator could begin his speech, the Zabrak had impaled the man through his back, tearing him apart before the horrifying eyes of the press. This attack gave a spine chilling message that even though his master's head was on display,on the podium, Fear was eternal.

Returning to the Sleepwalker temple, The Zabrak had earned his master's title, becoming the next Fear for another generation within the clan.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Fear can be easily recognized from the other Sleepwalkers due to his stance. Rather than standing on two legs, He is stuck into a crouch and forced to crawl rather than walk. Four cybernetic arms protrude from his back to mimic a spider, enabling him to crawl up walls and travel along ceilings. the primary color in his uniform is Green, as accustomed to the Sleepwalkers color code.

Because Fear lacks a tongue, he can only speak with gargles and barks, making any form of communication with him nearly impossible. Fear is commonly talked at instead of talked to, often given "yes or no" questions. Because of his lack of speech and his awkward stance, Fear is often misinterpreted as more dog-like. Even though he is fully sentient, he embraces the comparison with humor within his fellow bretherin, but takes offence by outsiders.