"Do you really think poking a spawn is good for your health. In case you don't know the answer to that question I'll tell you. I'm going to tear the flesh from your body and eat you now. Ok?"

— Fionnuala

Fionnuala was a Force-sensitive Sithspawn female created on Nar Shaddaa. Her creator was named Raven. Not much is known about the spawn or her creator just yet. Fionnuala is still on the look out for this woman to begin asking her questions.

Biography Edit

Nar Shaddaa Edit

Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa

It was a weird night in the medical facility of Nar Shaddaa. Raven had spent many countless hours of engineering the DNA and with the use of Sith alchemy she produced this creature.

Ravens research is into the use of crystals to enhance the Force and also into restructuring brains. She started with criminals, wiped them and experimented with implanting new loyal personalities. That's her hobby. She has access to a wide variety of genetic tissue for her cloning experiments. There's a strong chance the spawn can breathe underwater and she had implanted organs similar to electric eels. To help her Force lightning projection abilities. The eel implants are not Force based they can't be Force Damped.

Raven was testing a new synthesis idea but it didn't work out as well as she had hoped but she didn't want to eliminate the specimen so implanted an under weave mesh to help hold her skin together. Not cortosis weave but a net of some other kind of metal. If she gets slashed the net would tear with the skin and need fixed is the downside.

Eclipse Edit



Eclipse was a place she travelled to. She had heard rumors of powerful Sith organization being around. She wanted to learn why she was the way she was. Maybe one day have the power to lead people. These were ambitions but first she knew that training would be needed. She sought out a man named Darth Vyrassu. They spent countless hours discussing what Fionnuala was capable of and he decided to let her join them. The Order of the Jen'ari. This is where her training begins.

Personality and traits Edit

Fi 005


Fionnuala is loyal to a fault. This aspect was pushed into her. When she makes her mind up to do something she stands by it until it is destroyed or she is. Among other things Fi believes her self to be fearless and indestructible. Both are not the care but she will claim such. She is extremely intelligent for a spawn. She was taught by Raven to become the best at anything she puts her mind to. She has some confidence but she doubts her actions sometimes. Another trait of Fionnuala is that she is meticulous. She has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Because of the eel aspect in her body she can produce lightning. It is not from the force however so trying to dampen it will fail. She does possess a bit of Force Telepathy. It is not strong but she practices with it to make it stronger and of course hope that it will be a powerful weapon some day. Like others she can do Force Push, Force Jump, Force Speed, And learning Force Illusion.

Equipment Edit

Sith Belt

Sith Belt

The legs that she wears was made from bronzium that Raven and acquired via methods that need not be discussed. Inside the matrices there were Force crystals embedded inside so Fionnuala can use the force through the crystals to move the heavy armor. In her pouches on the side of her hip she carries a couple of bacta patches as well as a few other medical supplies. Also on her hips are two circular blades.

Weaknesses Edit

A huge weakness that she has is that if her skin is damaged there is procedures that she has to go through in order to have it repaired. It is not a simple fix of bacta or the force. Her skin as listed above has metal meshed into it so if it's cut there will be significant damage.