The sigil of FoM

The Followers of Mandalore also known as Shekemir be Mand’alor in mando'a, is a clan of mandalorian bounty hunters based in Mos Espa on Tatooine as well as their space station in orbit.

Clan functionsEdit

Snapshot 219

FoM Hunters, Nico Fett and Crys Vau.

Shekemir be Mand’alor is based in Mos Espa for land operations and their space station for space combat. The clan's primary function is to hire out their warriors for bounty hunting missions as well as mercenaries for hire.
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Sectator Trycn'werda in FoM's Space station

OOC InformationEdit

The Followers of Mandalore is a mandalorian group on Facebook that focuses on living mandalorian lifestyles in real life. They are currently one of the largest mandalroian groups on Facebook, as well as having their own forums for their most active members on


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