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Visit the FUSION lightsaber Store in SL. Created with input from beta testers and Star Wars RP community members. Making them great to use and a fine addition to any sith, jedi or sci fi fans inventory.

System Info Edit

The Fusion system is radically different from any technology that you have previously used to enjoy melee light saber combat. Animation, sound and logic is provided by a single scripted attachment, called the Saber Master. Think of it as an Animation Override for light sabers. Due to this design change Fusion light sabers are now flexible, easy to use, and easy to wear. Any saber can potentially be held in your left or right hand, there is no more 'Left Hand, Left Hip, Right Hand, Right Hip' nonsense when deciding which sabers to wear. Light sabers are rezzed into your hands from lower prim, low-lag hilt attachments, allowing you to wear and use as many sabers as you'd like.

Form support in Fusion is unlike anything you have ever seen. Because the Saber Master controls all animation in the system, Light saber forms need only be copied to the master. Once installed (a process we call "injection"), all forms are transparently available to any compatible saber you might have equipped. Injection itself is simple and painless; the animation and configuration transfer is done automatically and checked for integrity by our form injector. The form system also tries to be intelligent and helpful without being intrusive. For instance, if you are using one light saber and rez a second into your left hand, the form system will automatically switch to your last-used dual wield form. If you derez the second saber, the system will switch back to the previous form again. Toggling your twin saber between dual/single-beam will automatically pick an appropriate form for you.

Once you are familiar with the way the new system works, you'll find it thoroughly enjoyable to use. It's slick, intelligent and gets rid of almost every undesirable side effect currently associated with light sabers.

Documentation Edit

Please keep in mind that the Fusion System is a huge leap forward in light saber system design, and as such is radically different from any system you may be familiar with. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this new technology before you attempt to use it. Full documentation for Fusion is available at R34l1ty H4ck3r5 web site

Simply click on the 'Help' link and you will be taken to our documentation browser. We are aware that many people are fond of Notecard style documentation, but a flat text file is often unable to convey detailed information in an easy-to-read manner. HTML allows us to express our documentation in a cohesive and illustrative way that notecards simply cannot offer. In addition, by hosting our documentation online, you as a user are always presented with the newest, most up-to-date version of the information that you seek.

Please be aware that this website takes advantage of certain modern web browser features in order to properly lay out the content, as well as to optimize your viewing experience. The site is tested with Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7.0. Although it should render reasonably well in any semi-modern browser, we simply do not have the resources to extensively test every feature under every available web browser.

R34l1ty H4ck3r5 is constantly looking for feedback on how the documentation itself can be improved. If you think a certain section can use some re-wording, or have a neat idea on how the experience can be enhanced, IM Thordain Curtis or drop him a line at Please keep in mind that I am not a professional web designer, my javascript is a bit clunky in some places and there are probably better ways to do much of what I've done. Additionally, if you are fluent in English as well as another popular language, and have an undying desire to translate my witty and informative dialog, I'd love you hear from you ;-).

Custom Sabers Edit

Throughout all of our minor and major testing initiatives one overwhelming concern that we have (to date) been unable to address is the dilema of custom sabers. We realize that in most RP communities and groups a Jedi/Sith/<Insert Your Title Here> is expected to construct his/her own light saber for their first weapon. One unfortunate side effect of the advanced functionally provided by Fusion sabers is the extreme difficulty in assembling the blades. One of the neat things about LCK is that you can put together a hilt, link the blade and you're all set! Fusion has a complicated script setup, contains duplicate copies of the blade contained inside another (which is itself contained inside the hilt), all containing different scripts which need to be assembled and initialized in the proper order. In order for our blades to be used in a universal manner, there is a very complicated setup procedure configuring the various form and formation settings, hand position calibration, blade alignment and other not-so-fun things. Most of the internal self-contained pieces are temp-on-rez, and things tend to disappear when you're working on them by hand.

The constructor system designed to put these together semi-automatically and provide visual configuration is well over 3,000 lines of script code, and although it's quite effective, it simply isn't ready for public use. Additionally, although it only takes us about 10-15 minutes to do the initial setup and create a configuration "plan" for a saber, if we were to assemble custom sabers for our customers, they would be dependant on us to generate new blades every time we released a code update. This is a situation we simply want to avoid.

At some date in the not-so-distant future R34l1ty H4ck3r5 will be releasing a kit to allow residents to create their own custom sabers utilizing the Fusion code. The system will let you do all of your own setup, and allow you to update your saber by yourself any time new blade code is released. Certain limitations in LSL scripting make this a very difficult project, however, and it's going to take some work. (Although, if you wanted to help us out, you could take a few seconds to vote on SVC-579 [1] which would speed things up considerably...tell your friends to vote too ;-).

Right now, we have hundreds of existing customers beating down the door for the newer Fusion versions of our sabers. Our current priority is to get the product to market as quickly as possible, with as few bugs as possible. Adding support for custom blades would simply alter our time table too drastically, so this feature will not be availible for the initial release. However, it will be a major priority once the product is out in the world, and we are sufficiently certain that there are no show stoppers in the core technology. We will do our best to consult individuals in the community and utilize their input when we finalize the feature set for custom blades. Many vendors seem to go for a "create, sell and then disappear" strategy. R34l1ty H4ck3r5 is totally against this type of disregard for responsibility in business relationships.

Final Thoughts Edit

Once again, allow us to express our gratitude for your business. Feel free to IM any team member if you have questions regarding your saber or the Fusion System. We do ask that you take the time to read the formal documentation before doing so. If you have thoughts, ideas or dreams that you think can make our products better, lets us know! We feel that it is important, as well as paramount to our success, that we constantly listen to and act upon the feedback of the Star Wars roleplaying community at large.

R34l1ty H4ck3r5 hope their customers enjoys their new saber as much as they have enjoyed making them a reality! May all your days be lagless and crash-free.

The RH Team Edit

Fusion is made possible by the following individuals:

  • Glitch Tennant
    • Marketing Guru
    • Hilt Design
    • Texturing/Photoshop
    • All-Around Cool Guy
  • Ethereal Fremont:
    • Form Animations
    • Hilt Design
    • Interface Design Considerations
    • Celebratory Champagne Construction Services
  • Thordain Curtis:
    • Scripting
    • Website / LSL->PHP Stuff
    • Suit Selection
    • Obsequious Linguistic Support

See Also Edit

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