The GNK Power Droid is a specialized in providing a mobile large-capacity power source for conditions in which generators are not available or necessary and when batteries can not provide adequate output. The GNK model was originally produced by Industrial Automation as a knockoff of the popular EG-6 Power Droid produced by Veril Line Systems. The droid is utilized frequently by technicians thoughout the galaxy and many are owned in private homes as well. Celina Valencia maintains several droids of this make at all times for sale and to aid in starship and speeder repair.

Where to get a GNK Power DroidEdit

Droids of this make can be purchased from Celina Valencia or one of the Droidworks vendor locations in Second Life.

Additional InformationEdit

  • This is an avatar that can be worn in Second Life.
  • The GNK power droid avatar comes with the ever-recognizable "gonk" sound.
  • This droid has appeared in several of the Star Wars movies and has gained the nickname of the "Gonk" droid due to its verbalizations in the films.