"Though battles have been lost, the Alliance still lives. We have not surrendered, we do not concede the stars. We will win back our birthright. Freedom."

— Captain Jaius Yorub

The Galactic Alliance Remnant is a military resistance movement founded in 130 ABY from units of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force following the surrender of the Galactic Alliance government in the Sith–Imperial War. Under the command of Duros Admiral Gar Stazi, the Galactic Alliance Remnant is a major player in the civil war against Darth Krayt's Sith-controlled Empire. Seven years of hit and run operations against the Imperial Navy. Made the GA a top priority of Darth Krayt's Forces.

In 138 BBY, in a daring attempt to overthrow the Galactic Empire once and for all, the Galactic Alliance Remnant and its allies launched a daring assault to liberate Coruscant and the entire galaxy from Sith dominance. With the aid of their Imperial and Jedi allies, the Alliance engaged the Sith-Imperial forces in a final battle to decide the fate of the galaxy.

After the death of Darth Krayts at the hands of the Jedi Cade Skywalker, the known galaxy was reunited under the rule of a new Triumvirate, composed of Admiral Gar Stazi, Empress Marasiah Fel and Jedi Master K'Kruhk, the Galactic Federation Triumvirate.

Government and PoliticsEdit

"Until such time as a new government can be elected, I am the Galactic Alliance."

— Admiral Stazi to Emperor Roan Fel

As a military resistance movement, the ultimate authority in the Galactic Alliance Remnant lay in it's Supreme Commander, Gar Stazi. However, Stazi ensured that those serving in the Galactic Alliance Remnant fleet observed all prior military codes and Galactic Alliance laws, as laid down in the Galactic Alliance Common Charter. All members of the GA Remnant, from Admiral Stazi to the newest recruit, carried out their duties in the belief that they would be able to restore the Galactic Alliance government and return the galaxy to democratic rule.

Society and CultureEdit

The Galactic Alliance Remnant had personnel from virtually every species in the galaxy, including beings from worlds that were not part of the Galactic Alliance. The largest single group in the GA Remnant was humans, though the majority of Alliance personnel were non-human. Mon Calamarians also had significant numbers in Alliance uniform, with the species possessing an even greater number of recruits following the genocide on Dac carried out by the Sith. Other species, including Bothans, Weequays, Klatooinians, Dugs, Duros, Ithorians, and Sullustans were also found in Alliance ranks as well.

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