The Galactic Demarchy was established sometime after 250 ABY. It was the evolution of creating a non corrupted government.


248 ABYEdit

A trooper was found frozen in a Stasis pod, by man who opened the pod. Exploring to find the lost existence of a Galactic Dominion trooper locked away within time. He spoke with the trooper, remembering the history he had learned and of the troopers past. He brought up his plans with the trooper to create a new government. One free of corruption and forced enslavement to the current governments existence. A government that has no slaves, everyone is free. A true Democratic government.

249 ABYEdit

The man and the trooper had become friends, studying and reverse engineering his armor that the trooper had worn. After a full year of studying and learning, the man told the trooper it was time to leave for a while. The trooper and man left.

250 ABYEdit

The man and the trooper had returned bringing a new government with them, a new future. The trooper stepped of off the ship with a new recolored suit of armor with a few modifications to show his true colors to the world and his government he has become loyal to. The man stepped off of the ship with a new mind and full of knowledge on the government he created. The man told the trooper he was now his Military council, to be his adviser during war times. To lead and train, even recruit for the Galactic Demarchy military known as the Grand Army of the Demarchy.


250 ABYEdit

The Galactic Demarchy has spoken with the New Jedi Coalition and agreed to give them assistance on Kashyyk for a headquarters based there. Currently the military orders are to patrol and protect the wookies and jedi.


To create a non corrupted

☀parliamentary republic system, that all have wanted a true parliamentary republic System. A military that protects its citizens and government with their very lives and existence. A government where its officials only want whats best for its citizens and military.


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