The Galactic Linden Credit System (GLCS) was created by Marko Kovak for the Linden Banking Federation (LBF). The GLCS is an account-to-account direct deposit system, whereby individuals may transfer Galactic Linden Credits (GLC) directly to another individual via a secure digital payment.

The Linden Banking Federation managed the GLCS and sets the exchange rate between GLCs and the other galactic monetary denominations based on the current exchange rate and level of inflation of the various currencies. Exchanges between GLCs and other currencies is conducted digitally via a secure encrypted channel on the holonet, which is, for practical purposes impervious to slicer attacks and tracking, at least on the GLCS back-end.

Behind the scenesEdit

The GLC is a RP-device in order to employ Linden Labs' L$ within RP in an in-character fashion. The creation of this RP plot-device is for the purpose of actually requiring players to "put their money where their mouth is," instead of every player being an uber-billionare In Character. Players may choose to only accept "Galactic Linden Credits" in order to combat the over abundance of super-rich characters by actually requiring player investment.

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