"Give all our members a unified voice in the Galaxy, to help protect and maintain peaceful existence, and to promote more humanitarian efforts not only to each others, but to anyone who are in need. Cultural exchanges of idea as well as sharing new discoveries in the development of technologies or medicines will also be one of our primary focus."

— Ma'at Nephthys explaining the purpose of the new galactic republic.

Formation of the Galactic SenateEdit

Chancellor Ma'at Nephthys had the idea of reforming a republic was born during the war times between Galactic Coalition forces against the Sith Empire that had engulfed Bakura as well. During the time systems were being forced to take one side or another without proper representation of the people. This trend continued even after the war as opposition grew against the Galactic Dominion (later known as Galactic Alliance), as worlds were forced again to make rash decisions about which "side" they needed to take and requiring individual governments to explain their actions and positions.

Ma’at seen that there was no entity representing the masses of the galaxy during these times and as she travelled the galaxy the same theme kept passing the lips of galactic citizens that they longed for the days for a stable rational government that represented their interests. From this backdrop, Ma'at Nephthys was able to gather leaders and influential persons from the worlds of Coruscant, Dantooine, Onderon, Ruusan, and Yavin IV and the Galactic Senate was born. Each of these worlds elected a Senator and along with advisers from several Jedi orders including the Ilum Jedi Order, Dantooine Jedi Enclave, Onderon Jedi Order, New Order of the Jedi, Kalway Order of Jedi, and the New Jedi Order the first senate meeting convened whereby Ma’at Nephthys herself was elected Chancellor.

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