The purpose of this article is to share information regarding RP trade. RP trade is different from vending in that almost all RP trade is done using the trade object itself and the object(s) being traded are an intrinsic part of RP.

There are a large variety of objects that fit into this category, including things that could also be sold through a vendor. Examples: A ship could be sold as part of RP, as well as weapons, decoratives, various services. It is unlikely an avatar could be sold as part of RP.

Current trade deals of the Spice Fleet Edit

  • A contract to run the 4th Level Fuel Depot at the Ord Mantell space station.
  • A deal with the Governor of Mon Calamari to deliver fuel to the Mon Calamari fleet.
  • Various deals with several Vjunese acid beet farmers to deliver acid beets and acid beet fiber products all across the galaxy.
  • An exclusive deal with the Royal House of Velmor to ship rare Velmorite crystals (light-saber grade crystals).
  • A deal with the Gonk and Gonk Droid Repair Group to deliver industrial supplies to the galactic core in exchange for repair services.
  • Funded by Muunlinst bankers to make trade expeditions into the unknown regions, including the Ancient Spice Empire, source of the medicinal rakian spice.
  • Deals with several sand tribes on Tatooine to deliver dyed bantha wool and local crafts to various space ports in the galactic "south."
  • Agreements to ship fine Coruscanti marble and stone.
  • Special agreements to ship water from several "pure ice" planets to various desert planets.