Galactic TradersEdit

The Galactic Traders Group is open for Trade across the Galaxy. Passenger and Cargo vessels can register and take jobs around the galaxy working together or freelance. Anzat Spaceport provides a base for Galactic Traders and Galactic Pilots Alliance with access to the refueling and repair hanger area. passenger terminal large cargo area

The office area for the Galactic Traders is on the top floor of the spaceport.

Goods for Trade or Sale

Food ItemsEdit

nerf meat

Bantha meat

Wampa meat

nutrient packs

nutrient capsules and belt packs

bantha milk

Krayt milk from Nar Shadda

Dianoga pie from Nar Shadda

Wild Rice crackers.

Dried spiced Amphibians from Tatooine.

ner medallions

fried tubers

bantha spare ribs

Power Fuel and Reactor SuppliesEdit

Anzat is a power supplier

Fuel Cells

Small Fusion Reactor

Medium Reactor

Large Reactor

All Star Wars roleplay groups are welcome to visit the station and roleplay refueling and resupplying ships. Creating trade agreements or supply runs with other planets or SIMs would be great.

Anzat is a well run sim supported by R34l1ty H4ck3r5 we are low lag so ships and other vehicles work well.

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