Gamorreans GroupEdit


The Gamorreans group was founded by StewShack Atlas and Hielke Balhaus to unite all Gamorreans across the galaxy. Hielke Balhaus now is gone and StewShack Atlas has not been around anymore as well, so the group has been remade by Crash Monday.

How to JoinEdit

If anyone has a Gamorrean avatar that they wish to role play with, contact one of the owners or officers.

Once contacted, a role play will occur between members of the group and the new initiate. The new initiate's skills will be tested in role play and combat.

These tests are to see what skills the initiate already has. If they are lacking in either area, free training will be provided upon joining the group.


The Gamorrean group can be contacted for role play events.

The group is currently unemployed.

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