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Ganoes was born on his family's cargo freighter while on route to the Corellia System from the Coruscant System. His family was a group of traders, going from planet to planet all across the galaxy, trading and selling their goods, making it a very profitable business. For the first 16 years of his life, Ganoes spent his time watching his father closely, learning the skills, duties, and activities his father and family performed as traders. All he learned from watching his family over the years would serve him well later in his life.

Taken... Edit

  When Ganoes turned the age of 16, his father declared him a man, and began teaching him how to pilot their families freighter amongst other things required to run the ship, he began learning to love his families way of life, with running the ship, and the duties required by his family.

  One day when they were flying one of their usual trade routes, they were intercepted by a gang of 6 pirate ships.  their unarmed freighter had no defense against the pirated assaulting them, and they were forced to cut engines and were boarded.  The Pirates took all of the cargo that was of value and that they could carry on their smaller ships, and decided to take something more... Ganoes himself, at the age of 16, was taken by his family by a roaming gang of pirates.

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  After being taken by the roaming pirates.  At first he fought, fought them as every turn, each time they entered the little room they granted him, he did everything he could to spite them.  But as time went on, as the weeks, then months passed, he had no choice but to give in, until one day he finally did, and began getting friendly with them, and for two years he roamed the ship as a crew member, a prize that they had claimed, a Miraluka Child.

  He did so for 3 years, until he was at the age of 20.  The ship was at port and simply slipped away from the crew, they searched the port for 2 wees, before Imperial authorities arrived at port, after someone has sent them a message that a gang of pirates has docked, forcing the pirated to leave port, and begin their voyage of piracy once more.

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  • Word: Heresy
  1. Definition: The maintaining of such an opinion or doctrine.

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"Anything but complete loyalty to the Empire is Heresy."

— Initiate Guard; Ganoes Stabro Paran

"We of the guard care naught of the Galaxy, but of the preservation of the Empire."

— Initiate Guard; Ganoes Stabro Paran

"The Guard to one another are Brothers and sisters and call eachother such, but to the outside, we are but men in armor"

— Imperial Guard; Ganoes Stabro Paran