"You think i love money, because i'm a Toydarian? Maybe you are wrong ... not all..."

— Gnartto

Do not judge this little guy because he is a Toydarian, you can take a big surprise.



Son of Harno Arald and Latetia Arald and their last children. Gnartto had to fight to be noticed early in a house with twelve children, it was not easy. His father was an employee of the city council of Mos Espa and his mother was a great housewife; with the strong influence of his father, most of the children follow the politician Harn.But Gnartto not impressed with that orderly and full of protocols life, since the very early youth his passion was the arts and engineering droids.

Arrival at Mos Eisley.Edit

After a lifetime of misadventures around Tatooine, he finally found the site to open the first store. Mos Eisley, and the city did not receive him well, two hours in the city he had already been stolen and was facing a near death situation at the tip of a dagger held by a drunk Whiphid.

But his luck was changed when another newcomer comes to town the infamous Hutt called Blorrta. Blorrta liked a lot of Gnartto and helped him raise the money necessary to open his first store, Gnartto promised his friend that once made a profit, would pay his debt with him; Sadly he did not have that chance because Blorrta Was Killed by a bounty hunter named Drenix Krill.

Losses and Gains.Edit

Gnartto 002

Gnartto at your count

Sales at the store were fine, but he begins to lose much money in Pazaak game, and the cost of their losses would soon be charged. unable to pay the rent of his shop, it was closed and its merchandise was taken, without money and with few goods he begins a new store and now he take a big success this time. Success was so great that he managed to open a store in Nar Shaddaa; for a few time .Now he try i new life in Anchorhead.