Gourah Adetera is a male Human born and raised on Onderon. A cheerful technician, he seeks to expand in the fields of engineering and technology. He currently resides on a swamp-like island of Zonama Sekot.

Biography Edit


While his father and older brother frequently ventured the galaxy, Gourah lived a mundane life on Onderon. He was mainly occupied at a technical academy in Iziz, for he was too young to attend the dangerous journeys his family would take. Nevertheless, he , often causing trouble for the Onderonian Royal Guard by recklessly pod racing with his friends on the streets. Aside from these antics, he was considered a technical adept by peers and adults alike, understanding gadgets and electronic composition down to almost every detail.

With culminating experience at his age, Gourah decided to invent his own unique machines. He turned to his friends for assistance after hours of frustration in his laboratory. Together, the children came up with several ideas and went to work. The team appointed Gourah as their director due to his professional handling. It was not long before he and his friends proudly began showing off their collaborations to peers, earning them praise and envy altogether.

The PotentiumEdit

Gourah happened upon an extraordinary world when he was dropped from a large cruiser by dark figures to a nearby medical facility. The ship ascended into the sky while Gourah lied motionless on the grass, cuffed, battered, and burned. Not long after, three strangers walked out of the nearby medical facility and happened upon the injured youngling, awestruck. Two of them remained by Gourah's side while the other rushed back into the building and returned with a medical capsule. He was then taken inside to a bed next to large Bacta-filled tanks, where it was determined his injuries were severe but not life-threatening. Burn marks and rips were found all over the child's clothing, evidence of torturous instruments or lightning. His rescuers cleaned him and prepared to move him to a tank. Only an hour and a half passed until Gourah regained consciousness. He awoke disoriented, banging his fist repeatedly against the glass and removing his breath mask. The strangers drained the tank and helped him out before he hurt himself.

Fully revitalized, Gourah paced around the medical lab in confusion, mumbling to himself and searching for his belongings, then turning to his rescuers with questions of who they were and where he was. All was explained; Gourah's rescuers were revealed to be Master Flint Mokeev, Master Salene Lusch, and Lanya Windlow, all of whom were residents of the sentient planet Zonama Sekot. However, Gourah's presence left more inquiry. After dressing and settling in, he introduced himself and shed light on his unanticipated arrival. His captors were an underground cult called Crimson Blade. They rivaled with Gourah's brother and even managed to turn the brothers' cousin to the dark side, which proved his downfall in the end.

Personality and traits Edit

Teen Rah 001

Gourah, now a young adult.

Gourah is an often friendly and carefree young man. He has a typical air of pride in his work and beliefs, yet he can demonstrate his knowledge well in a range of subjects. In contrast to this, he can sometimes express an ill, cynical view on certain matters of interest. He has a minor dislike for Jedi and doesn't quite understand their undertaking of such a rigid lifestyle. However, the legendary Luke Skywalker happens to be one of his most influential historical figures. The Potentium have also generated a positive influence on Gourah's ideals of the Force and life itself. He finds great value in family and the many friendships he's forged throughout his short life, leading his alignment to steer somewhat toward the light side.

Gourah bears a striking resemblance to his late Arkanian father, save for his gray-black hair. He has an average stature, a messy haircut, and a tan skin tone. He used to be somewhat stout and short as a teenager, though he hit an enormous growth spurt at some point and has grown taller and more physically defined. Gourah's style of clothing tends to have an eccentric urbanity to it, usually consisting of the colors red and black. He also sports a pair of electronic goggles over his forehead and a holo-pad device on his left wrist.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a technician, Gourah has reasonable skills with crafting and common repair with a short range of gadgets. Although at an intermediate level, he is able to put together gizmos such as shield generators, scanners, and even maintenance droids. He possesses very little combat experience. However, he applies what he learns through reading and observation more effectively than engaging firsthand. His close-quartered weapon of choice is a long electrostaff, a special present given to him by Salene Lusch, being able to assume the double-bladed lightsaber form with it against dangerous foes.


Gourah carries items mostly custom-made along with the necessary tools needed to craft them. He carries with him a laser cutter, a standard wrench, a holopad armband, an S-5 blaster pistol, two small manuals, and a music player.


A prominent weakness of Gourah's are his eyes which, like his brother's, are extremely sensitive to powerful light or heat, prompting him to wear a blinder at times. Another was his peculiar allergies to spice and some exotic substances, though at one point it helped expose a band of dangerous fugitives smuggling spice in his neighborhood. Gourah's psychological weakness is Force lightning, having acquired this fear after being struck several times by Crimson Blade acolytes who captured him with the intention of getting answers about his brother.