Bios of Gram Aeon Edit

My name is GRAM Edit

He was waiting on a flight deck on Yavin IV for his master to return. It was a bright sunny day. He was sourounded by green jungle and the impressive outline of the big gas giant called Yavin Prime loomed above his head in the sky. But even this scenery could not win Tarton’unas attention. “How come, i ended up here”, he asked himself. A lot happened the past few years.

It was three years ago but it almost seemed like yesterday, when he last talked with his sister. Tarton tried to persuade her not to go with them. They came the day before to the village. These strangers claimed to come from Coruscant and looking for talented dancers. They offered the village elders much money for their daugthers.

Tarton and his sister belonged to a small twi’lek clan which lived in a little mountain cave a few hundred miles away from Kala’din one of the bigger cities on the planet Ryloth.

The people were poor. They had to fight against the harsh environment of the desert-like planet. Many twi’leks therefore thought it would be better to send their children offworld to grand them an easier life. Others thought, that the strangers who act friendly and helpful towards the youngsters, are nothing more than slave-traders. Tarton definitely shared the opinion of the others.

And such strangers had come to his clan. The elders agreed to send some of the younger females with them. He remembered clearly how they took his little sister away. As the young twi`lek tried to stop them, he was hold back by the clan elders. In his anger Tarton broke away from them and subconsciously pushed another twi’lek sidewards who stood in front of him. He pursuited the strangers to the hangar of the mountain cave. The strangers noticed that they where followed. A small ugly outlander turned around and sneered as he pointed his blaster at Tarton. The stranger pulled the trigger of the weapon. At the moment he shoot the young twi’lek seemed to disappear for an instant. The movements of the small ugly stranger were predictable and strangely slow. Tarton dodged the shoot without slowing down. He drew his knive while running and threw it right into the face of the attacker. The other strangers watched how their comrad fell backwards like a heavy back. Some of them instantly began to shoot at their pursuer. The others forced the twi’lek females towards the entrance of their shuttle. He could see the scared face of his sister looking a last back at him.

He fell completely in rage and his eyes sent pure waves of anger against the outlanders. Two of them were forcefully smashed against the wall behind them.

The remaining strangers retreated to their shuttle before Tarton could reach them. He helpless watched them escape. A few days later he reached Kala’din with a vessel he took from the hangar. He sneaked in a transporter that was headed for a small outer rim planet. From there he travelled to Coruscant to look for his sister. He knew that he committed a crime in the eyes of his clan and that he couldn’t go back to Ryloth any longer. He still couldn t find any trace of her after a few month on the inner core planet.

He continued his search and became more and more disaffected as he had travelled from planet to planet. Tarton accepted many different jobs to get by. He obtained some useful abilities like stealing or manipulating when he stranded on the smuggler moon Nar Shaddaa.

There he met him.

That day Tarton was trying to get some ‘customers’ for a shady gambling house on Nar Shaddaa he worked for. He was very talented with manipulating others especially weak-minded creatures. He approached a human with black hair and messy clothes. Trying to deceive him Tarton raised his voice and tried to persuade the ‘customer’ to follow him to the establishment. The human examined the blue twi’lek interested. He started to grin as Tarton wondered why the human didn’t respond to his persuation. The human looked Tarton right in the eyes “What is your name?”. Tarton was to ashamed to let any outlander know the name that was given to him by his parents and represents his clan now that he was an outlander himself. He caught sight of a floating commercial sign in front of him with the inscription ‘GRAM coffee – The best coffee in the galaxy’. He answered defiant: “My name is GRAM”. “That’s a strange name for a twi’lek!” The human began to grin even more. “I think well get along very well! My name is Quam Asbrink”.


Tarton turned around. A man with black hair and messy clothes looked in his eyes. “Were you day-dreaming?” Tarton shaked his head: “No, master, i just remembered something in the past”. The human answered: “you looked absent.”. Tarton looked up to the gas giant Yavin Prime in the sky.

“Are you ready to leave for Zonama Sekot?” Tarton nodded slowly, “Yes, master Quam!”.

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