Grancha the Hutt

Grancha the Hutt

Grancha Desilijic Tiure Edit

Grancha Desijilic Tiure the Hutt, Ruthless Crime lord and Notorious Gangster who ran a damaging campaign against the Jedi order to make a nice profit.

Grancha was well known throughout the Galaxy for being a merciless kingpin who controled his criminal empire with an Iron fist reaching into almost every corner of the galaxy.

Grancha is a member of the Desilijic Hutt Clan and was one of the most ruthless Hutts in the galaxy feared by many and for good reason. During Grancha rule over the hutts he was hell Bent on Control of spice mining and selling, gambling, slave trade, weapons trade, and all other forms of crime through out the galaxy and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.
Desilijic Clan

Desilijic Hutt Clan

Grancha was a criminal hutt lord unlike most other hutts, he did not simply order others do to his what he wanted. Grancha Leaded by example fighting his own battles doing most of the dirty work himself, smuggling, killing and out smarting anyone who try's to get the upper hand on him.

History of Grancha The HuttEdit

Grancha Desijilic Tiure The Hutt born on Nal Hutta son of Schutta Dasmijn The Hutt who was the partner and rumored to be the romantic companion of the powerful gangster Lorda The Hutt. Growing up Grancha was a quick learner always watching the Other hutts and learning the ins and outs of the criminal game from everything that he observed. Grancha had the best battle training money could by paid for and Lorda the Hutt made sure Grancha was well aware of it by making him work hard doing odd jobs usually extorting money out of the local businesses. Grancha was trained in battle by an ex- Jedi turned Mandalorian and close friend to Lorda the Hutt. At a very early age Grancha discovered his love for power and money when he started his first business stealing droids and selling them for twice the worth and sometimes even selling the droids back to the original owner for three times the worth. Grancha had no limits when it came to making credits and soon learned that Friends were simply a waste of time that held no benefit for him, Soon Grancha would leave everyone he knew from his child hood behind to work for Lorda the Hutt on Tatooine taking care of unpaid gambling debts and other odd jobs that the crime Lord would send him out to do. with Grancha's lust for Power and Credits it did not take long for him to climb the ranks eventually becoming the Crime Boss of the Desilijic Hutt after proving himself to the Hutt Grand Council and systematically getting rid of anyone that stood in his way. While serving as Crime Boss Grancha fell in love with Gambling and the spice and weapons smuggling he was also known for his love of pod races and was regularly seen attending them through out the galaxy. Grancha began to set up alliances through out the Galaxy in the Desilijic Name that Lord Lorda the Hutt felt was not best for the directions he was trying to take the clan.

Grancha had alliances with smugglers, Mercenaries, bounty hunters and multiple other criminal organizations he felt would benefit him and It was not long before the friction between Lorda and Grancha began to take its toll with Grancha feeling that lorda had become weak and insignificant and that he was standing in Grancha's way.

Very shortly after Lorda had sent a message to Grancha expressing his displeasure with Grancha's work and his plan to remove Grancha from power at the next Hutt Grand council meeting Lorda's ship was found aimlessly floating around in the outer rim territories with all aboard including Lorda dead due to an apparent violent attack.

After an Investigation by the Hutt Grand council it was determined that the attack could not be traced back to Grancha even though many had there suspicions.

Grancha was named Crime Lord over the Desilijic Hutt Clan and Over time Grancha would develop the title of Ruthless Crime lord securing a reputation that would send most running in fear.

After many years of running the Desilijic clan Grancha decided he wanted to have child and not long after underwent the change to female and became pregnant.

During the pregnancy grancha received many threats from other hutts and unknown sources threatening to kill Grancha and the unborn child.

on the night of that Grancha gave birth an unknown assassin was able to slip Poison into either one of granchas drinks or some of his food, the baby, a boy (Proko the hutt) was able to be saved but it was thought that Grancha had died in the attack.

Trio the Hutt the brother of Grancha and a trusted Friend of the Clan a Toydarian by the name of Gratto moved Granchas body to an under ground hidden fortress on Mos Espa where they allowed the news of granchas death to circulate in order to make sure Gancha was safe.

The Good Doctor Shan the same doctor that assisted in Grancha's labor was able to work with Grancha in his comatose state and through forced healing and her knowledge of Hutt Biology was able to bring Grancha back to full health again.

After Grancha was strong again Proko the hutt grancha's son was summoned to Mos Entha where he was taken to his father.. Proko was so shocked to see his father alive that he passed out.

Grancha Took back control of the Clan from his son who at the time had let the clan go to hell and was unable to keep control of it at all.

After reclaiming the Desilijic clan Grancha was given the head seat over the Hutt grand Council essentially Giving Grancha complete control over the Hutts in the Galaxy.

The Porko GoolaEdit

The Proko Goola is Grancha's Personal Ship. The ship Once Belonged to lorda the Hutt but Grancha took it Once he became the Crime Lord of the Desilijic Clan.

The Ship was modified so that Grancha could Easily zip across the galaxy with as much speed as possible.

The Porko Goola is only big enough to fit one hutt and it has a cargo by and a single Cell in the back for what ever Grancha may need to transport.

the Porko Goola was eventually the signature ship that would be recognized as one of the most feared ships in the galaxy

Facts about GranchaEdit

Favorite Drink: Merenzane Gold (Grancha is well know for enjoying the more expensive things in life and once while on a trip to Nar Shadda he encountered a rather expensive drink that he fell in love with immediately. Rumor is that Grancha keeps a very large stock of Merenzane Gold hidden somewhere in his palace where only he knows)

Second Favorite drink: Boga noga (was a popular drink by the hutts that was said to be so strong that it could knock out an entire squadron of storm troopers. Grancha was very fond of the drink and loved to send it as gifts to new alliances and friends)

Favorite Food''': Cho-nor-hoola (what most people might consider disgusting a hutt finds tasty and this evidence was in the soup that grancha loved more then anything. Grancha would eat so much of this soup that the kitchen staff would keep many pots of it boiling all day and all night)

Second Favorite Food: Klatooine paddy frog (Grancha's favorite snack. he kept a special aquarium to the left of his dais in which the creatures were kept. these snakes were considered to be delicacies to Grancha and he snaked on them constantly. the Hutt preferred to keep these creatures alive for consumption.)

Favorite Drug: Tobacco (Grancha never got to big into spice even though he smuggled and sold it however he was known for always haveing a pipe of Tobacco with him at all times)

Grancha was trained in battle by an Ex Jedi turned Mandalorian who worked for Lorda the Hutt Later his body was discovered among all the dead aboard Lorda the Hutts ship after an attack that killed everyone on board including Lorda the Hutt.

Grancha killed the only person he called a friend Jorir Skirata because he felt that Jorir had become to much of a liability due to the amount of knowledge he possessed about Grancha's back room deals and how he came into power of the Desilijic Clan. it was also rumored that Jorir Skirata played a key Role in the killing of Lord Lorda the Hutt but no charges were ever brought against him or Grancha.

Grancha's Personal Ship is called the Porko Goola meaning the Big Bad In Huttese.

Desilijic MembersEdit

Desilijic Family TreeEdit

+--------Unknown Desilijic Hutt------+------------------------------+
|                  |                 |                              |
Jiliac Desilijic Tiron     Zorba Desilijic Tiure     Ziro Desilijic Tiure    Pazda Desilijic Tiure
            |                     |          |                    
 Baby Desilijic    Jabba Desilijic Tiure    Unknown Tiure-------------+         
                                 |           |                        |      
                               Rotta    Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo   Grubba Desilijic Aarrpo