"A nation divided can not stand on its own. Lets never divide our great nation of the Demarchy!"


250 ABYEdit

The Galactic Demarchy decided that a military was needed in order to protect its citizens and itself. Michael Allta was placed in charge to begin its evolution and growth. Including its training and other necessities such as pay. The Galactic Demarchy leader and Allta began their places on planet Kashyyyk where they met with the New Jedi Coalition making a new alliance. The Grand Army of the Demarchy made it their home and based themselves there protecting its inhabitants.

Organization and structureEdit

Rank structureEdit


  • Colonel—Each is in command of a legion/regiment-sized unit.
  • Lieutenant Colonel—Each is in command of a Battalion.
  • Major—Each is second in command of a Battalion.
  • Captain—Each is in command of a Company.
  • Lieutenant—Each is in second in command of a Company.
Grand Army Pay Grade O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4 O-5
Insignia 2ndlieutenantgoldrankuz2 Captain Gold 7- Major 8- Lieutenant Colonel 9- Colonel
Title Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Abbreviation LT CPT MAJ LTC COL


  • Master Sergeant—Usually is second in command of a Platoon, or assisted a commanding officer.
  • Sergeant First Class—Typically is second in command of a Platoon.
  • Sergeant—Typically is in command of a squad.
  • Corporal— Typically is second in command of a Squad. The second most junior rank. Further promotion based on performance and availability of immediate response.
  • Private—The most junior rank. No uniform insignia. Usually promoted after about 7 days of service.
Grand Army Pay Grade E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5
Insignia 1- Private 2- Corporal 3- Sergeant 4- Sergeant First Class 5- Master Sergeant Silver
Title Private Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant
Abbreviation PVT CPL SGT SFC MSG

Order of BattleEdit

  • Legion/Regiment—4 battalions (2,304 soldiers) led by a commander.
  • Battalion—4 companies (576 soldiers) led by a commanding officer, usually a major, assisted by a executive officer and/or a senior enlisted advisor.
  • Company—4 platoons (144 soldiers) led by a company commander, usually a captain, assisted by a executive officer, a lieutenant.
  • Platoon—4 squads (36 soldiers) led by a platoon commander, usually a lieutenant or 2nd lieutenant, assisted by a platoon sergeant, usually a sergeant or sergeant major.
  • Squad—9 soldiers led by a squad leader, usually a sergeant or corporal.
  • Fire Team—4 soldiers, led by a team leader.


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