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The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) is a Star Wars role-playing group in Second Life, and has been around since May 15, 2005. By May 2010 the group had around 950 members. The group was founded by Yuri Fonzarelli along with co-founder Koukla Twilight.

"[Our] brotherhood comes with looking alike. It makes us a family. When GAR is hurt, we look like GAR, we feel the sadness it feels. It grows our loyalty. Being loyal to GAR, united, makes our strength. Being a weakness encourages obediences to perfect ourselves and not be a shame. Devotion is fed by shame we want fixed. Protection is what a family is about. Honour is what we feel when one of us [does] something heroic."

— Siaka Otsuka


The Clones of the Republic were never put in stasis or frozen in Carbonite, rather they were preserved through frozen genetic samples. The people of Kamino and Polis Massa kept samples of the templates they used in their line of work. They traded simple goods, such as food and materials for the work that they did. One of these templates is of Jango Fett, having been kept for 200 years in storage, was ready to be used whenever they needed it. On the remote planet of Polis Massa, it would be simple to start up another cloning facility for research. The first 'new' generation of clones only started with 100. These clones would be bought by a coalition of minor houses within the Talpir sector. These highly trained soldiers would be used to assist in the overthrowing of the major houses. However, but the time the clones were mature enough to fight, the coup was over.

This left the Kaminoans with an elite batch of clones, but no buyer. They bided their time, looking for an opportunity to utilise this asset in a way that would allow for further research. They came to realise that the New Republic had destroyed the clones on Kamino due to their involvement in the Stormtrooper program, and determined that a republic supported by their clones would be more sympathetic to their independent research than any Empire, as the previous one had historically subjugated, restricted, and controlled it with an iron fist. This would further encourage a sub-culture of nostalgia for the times of the old Republic, where they regularly received the funds and freedom to conduct their experiments with perceived impunity. The army would leave Polis Massas and start to travel.

Bakura used to be a prosperous and beautiful planet, from its vast plains, beautiful forests, extraordinary rivers, and gorgeous seas. Though its beautiful landscapes are not the only sights the planet has, though the capital city of Salis D'aar, a great mass of activity and buildings. Thousands and thousands of men, women, and children of all races, mostly Kurtzen, Humans, Bith, P'w'ecks, and Utai, resided in the great and enormous city.

The people in control of the Planet was the Bakuran Senate, since the Imperials were overthrown a long while ago by the Rebel Alliance in 4 ABY. But, before the Empire was kicked out of Bakura, they were working with the Alliance with a small problem on their hands:The Ssi-ruuk invaded the planet, almost completely destroying it, though they were repelled by the two forces.

It is nearly two hundred years later, in 210 ABY, Bakura is still rising in populations, economy, everything you could possibly think of. The large city of Salis D'aar still stood and prospered, its Government still stable and crime at a minimal due to the effort of the Civilian Security Force. Not until a Ssii-ruuk by the name of Sescri Val and a Sith by the name of Visage led an attack on the city of Bakura, leading dozens of Sith and anyone else who dislikes the planet, people, or anything that has to do with the rich planet. The BSF.,(Bakuran Security Force), was trying to fight the invasion force, though it wasn't working, they were all dying slowly, but it lasted for a night, maybe even a day, no one knows. The city went in flames and perished, the civilians were either killed off, mutilated, or something violent, in few cases they escaped luckily. As for the BSF, few escaped, most died in the battle that is known as,"The Third Onslaught of Bakura."

Ever since the Grand Army of the Republic travelled through the Galaxy to ally itself with the RLF (Republic Liberation Forces), a guerilla group freedom-fighters against the New Galactic Empire. they assisted them during the Two Battles of the Imperial Palace, which they won both. Now, since the rebels one the battle, they take most of Coruscant and become known as the PGA, or the People's Galactic Alliance. Since then, the GAR, or Grand Army of the Republic, travelled through the Galaxy in search of a home, though they weren't welcome else where, until one day, they found what they were looking for, Bakura.

Since the BSF lost the massacre, they fled from the planet's system, going to different worlds in the Outer Rim or other territories. The politicians also did the same thing, which has left Bakura in utter chaos, especially its capital Salis D'aar. The ruins became a haven for crime, gun racketeering, spice smuggling, murder, and other inexplicable things. That is, not till GAR moved in, they cleansed the corruption of the Government there that was under control by evil Crime Lords and other underground syndicates. Soon, the Clones defeated the criminals and other villains of tyranny or just detained them, then the Engineers started to rebuild. As soon as the Galaxy heard about the remarkable deeds of the Clones, they immediately came back, maybe even some of the old BSF Former politicians ventured back to the city Salis D'aar that was being rebuilt by the Clone Army and the Republic, attempting to make a stable legislative branch once more, though there is still crime active in the city, but with the Clones and Civilian Security Force's men and women, nothing can be invincible or impossible to handle.

The Clones in the Grand Army called Salis D'aar and the world of Bakura ...Home. With Tipoca City on the planet Kamino destroyed by the New Republic due to it being used by the Old Empire to clone new soldiers , they had no other place to turn to, but they remained in Bakura, their true home, where they would work on setting up a Government and a Monarchy to have the planet ruled for the people and by the people.

Notable Past MembersEdit

Yuri Fonzarelli (2005 - 2010)
The founder of GAR, as well as the GAR's active commander until recently. Yuri was known to have original ideas and to do what his troops wanted to see happening. He retired from active duty May 15 2010 leaving the leadership of the Grand Army to the newly re-established Clone Council, after doing his best to help GAR keep running after his departure.
Koukla Twilight (2005 - 2010)
The original commander of the purple legion (renamed Navy) and co founder of GAR, Koukla played a far less active role in the later years of the Grand Army, becoming more of an icon rather than an active leader. Koukla is respected and appreciated still up to today in GAR. Koukla retired with Yuri.
Dino Salome (2005 - 2010)
ARC Captain Dino was one of the first officers in GAR as well as the second 501st Leader. Dino achieved his rank very early in GAR's life, and was active for the first year or two of GAR's life, falling into inactivity, like Koukla, becoming more of an icon than an active leader within the Grand Army's chain of command. Dino came back in early 2009 and was invited back by both Conor and Yuri to become the Udesla Commanding Officer.
Keith Daguerre 2005 - 2006)
Keith Daguerre, was one of the original members of the Clone Council
Stillpink sandgrain (2005 - 2006)
Stillpink sandgrain, was one of the original members of the Clone Council
carlos Sachertorte (2005 - 20?? )
Former ARC Trooper and former head of the Training Department along with Kale.
Amanda Black (2005)
Amanda Black, was one of the original members of the Clone Council
Seargent Hedges (2005 - current)
Sergeant Hedges, is one of the original members of the Clone Council and still holds a position on it today. Over the years Seargent Hedges has contributed much to GAR, including working on two of the GAR websites and Forums, supporting the Land that the Grand Army use, and holding a non-bias view on the council.
Indy Turner (2005)
Had a short reign on the Clone Council in the area of Hughes.
Kale Kawabata (2005 - 2009)
Former ARC and former head of the Training Corps.
Bowty Gasser (2005 - 2009)
Former 21st ARC Trooper and A'denla CO.
Airhead Independent (2005 - 2009)
Former Udesla ARC Trooper
Nodster Tardis (2006 - 2007)
Nodster Tardis was a majority land holder for GAR during its period on Arigus, after disagreements with management, and feeling disrespected, Nodster decided to take back his land, and sell it. Nodster was an Engineer Corp Officer during his time in GAR.
Michan Moonlight
Judes Demina
Former 501st CO
Welshfireman Ard (2006 - 2010)
Welshfireman Ard, was the XO of the 501st under Dino Salome, his XOship was rather short, with him becoming the CO later that Day. Welsh, contributed financially to supporting the Grand Army, and helped buy land in Cakhmaim for the Grand Army, Welsh later retired from active service, but stayed within GAR assisting members of GAR with history lessons.
Trevor55 Bluecoat (2006 - 2009)
Was a 501st CO also sat on the Clone Council before requesting a demotion to Sergeant in the 724th he lead Omega than a small squad in the 501st before leaving GAR.
Demonic Lock/Nuklhead Hauptmann
Former shock trooper replaced by Marcel for inactivity
Cory Toonie (2005 - 2009)
Cory Toonie was a Shock Trooper on the Clone Council for two years.
Carsupra Jimador/Randy Market (2005 - 2011)
Although not actively retired from GAR, Randy Market is a former Shock Trooper.
Daric Anatine (2006 - 2008)
Daric Anatine, was the 501st XO of Welshfireman Ard, later becoming the CO of the 501st.
SniperFox Mills (2007 - 2011)
Former Clone Council member (For a week), retired Lieutenant Colonel, former Commanding Officer of Udesla Company. A Clone who tries hard to assist the Grand Army even in his retirement. See Wikia page for Fox Bralor Keto for more details. ID: P-2883. Retired from the Grand Army to become Emperor of the Tetan Empire.
Gabrial Xue
Former 501st CO, he was also responsible for equipping platoons with Swords and other various items.
Deus Ming (2007- 2010)
Deus Ming, was the first 501st XO of Marcel Dowding, at that time he was also the XO of the Pilots Department working under Leggo Silverstar.
Necrophage Messerchmitt (2008)
Necro, was the second 501st XO of Marcel Dowding, later after Marcel retired he became the 501st leader on Bakura build 2. His reign was rather short, and after disagreements with other members of GAR, Necro left.
Aeonite Silvera (2006 - 2008)
Aeonite Silvera served as the GAR Engineer Officer.
xGreenMercenaryX Aeon (2008 - 2010)
xGreenMercenaryX Aeon, joined the Grand Army in early-2008, working up the ranks of GAR as "Green". Working with senior members of the time, xGreen was one of the essential architects of GAR's rank system, companies, and the GAR Navy. xGreen retired from active duty May 18, 2010.
Senkon Aeon (2008 - 2010)
Senkon Aeon, similarly to xGreen, joined the Grand Army mid-2008, working up the ranks quickly within the Grand Army as his character "Church". In his early days, he worked under an older Sergeant, later Officer, and Lt. Colonel of the 501'st. Working closely with xGreenMercenaryX Aeon, Gabrial Xue, and UnlivedPhalanx Beck, the four of them forged the Grand Army until early-2010. Senkon, as his character "Church", served as the Commanding Officer of the 724th for over a year during this time. Senkon retired from active duty in September 2010, but still occasionally contributes to the group.
Otty Ling (2006 - 2011)
Otty began service not long after initially joining Second Life. His activity was always sporadic towards the later part of his career, but he worked up to becoming a Sergeant in 333rd Platoon, then a 501st Elite, handing leadership over to xGreenMercenaryX. Not long after, Otty became the first ARC CO of the then newly christened 21st Platoon Marine Division. Somewhere along the way, he was part of the initial roster of the now infamous Verda Commando Squad as its Demolitions Technician. Due to time constraints and personal reasons, he has quietly left GAR in 2011 to pursue errands in his personal life.
Marcel Dowding (2005 - 2012)
Marcel is a former 501st ARC Trooper, Commanding Officer, 21st Marine Administrative Clerk, A'denla Company Executive Officer, and Shock Trooper.

Behind the scenesEdit

ACNE Co. & Origins 2005Edit

The Grand Army of the Republic was founded on May 15th 2005 by the current Clone Commanders, Yuri Fonzarelli and Koukla Twilight.

The armour was constructed by Yuri Fonzarelli in a shop named ACNE Co. in the Marunogere. At that time Yuri had no idea of what he had accidentally created - The armour of what would become the largest army in Second Life!

The group (GAR) was founded originally as a fan club in which buyers of Yuri's new armour could communicate and talk about Star Wars. Upon joining, a random identification number with a given squad name was selected for each new member. Their names and identification numbers were then added into a database that was viewable at ACNE. Rank, at the time, was based upon a member's ability to recruit. The more members you recruited into GAR, the higher rank you would receive.

Grand Army Rank / Recruitment Relationship
Rank Amount of Recruits
Clone Private 0
Clone Corporal 2
Clone Sergeant 5
Clone Lieutenant 8
Clone Captain 12
ARC Trooper 17
Shock Trooper N/A

Quickly the clones grew in such high numbers that the small shop of ACNE could no longer contain the shear number of troops so it was decided to move elsewhere. The group quickly outgrew its original intent of being a fan-club and became one of the first military organizations in Second Life. During free time, the group would travel to the nearby sim of Rausch, neighbouring ACNE, and combat any willing avatars. Soon, though, the clones membership escalated to such high numbers that the small shop of ACNE could no longer contain the shear number of troops. It was then chosen by some of the more active members to put together to purchase land elsewhere.

It was around this stage the first clone council was formed, 5 Shock troopers were appointed them being, Keith Daguerre, Stillpink Sandgrain, Amanda Black, Marth Rocco, and Seargent Hedges.

Hughes 2005 - 2006Edit

New land was then acquired in a snow sim called Hughes through a collective effort by multiple members. Many precedents and firsts for the group were created, including a shop known as the CEX (Clone Exchange) where clone members could place vendors free of charge. Also, the first GAR training corps, headed by Kale Kawabata, was developed along with the approval of the first Republic Commando squad, headed by Kenji Solvang. As well the first Star Wars role-playing communities arose while GAR was in Hughes. For a couple years, GAR would continue to ride the fence between becoming a role-playing group or an active military group.

It was also at Hughes Clone Trooper v2 was created by Yuri to mark the release of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith to DVD. A long-lasting feud would soon ensue between the active Mandalorian clan, at the time ran by Dazzo Street, and GAR over who originally made the Clone Trooper v2 armour. This deep OOC conflict would come to affect future role-plays and group alliances for years in various Second Life Star Wars communities.

In a little less than a year, Hughes grew to eventually hold 3/4 of the sim. By this point in time the entire land was being paid for monthly by a controversial Shock Trooper named Marth Rocco. As a surprise for the group, Marth had approached Yuri with the proposition to found a new private sim and leave Hughes behind.

In April of 2006, a group of engineers (eventually to become the first GAR Engineering Corps) were put together in secret and tasked with the project to build Coruscant.

Coruscant 2006Edit

On May 15, 2006, Coruscant was unveiled to GAR. Things were going well for the first Half of Coruscant, everyone was happy, people were living in the apartments, and traffic was growing. Land rules, something that had existed since Hughes and had been enforced by the 501st security branch, had quickly grown to include things that limited the kind of people/avatars that could visit Coruscant and what said people could do once they arrived. Many of these rules would be expected in a SWRP sim today, but at the time these new rules were radical (such as banning furies and requiring Star Wars related attire).

Marth, the owner of the sim, had taken the liberty to become head admin and coordinate all bans on the sim. These bans could span from a couple hours from the sim to permanent expulsion. Members of GAR soon found that they themselves would be found to break a rule on occasion, but were quickly "handled" by Marth with a ban. Soon the command of GAR took notice as complaints from outside and within GAR came in.

Upon entering GAR, it had been Marth's ambition to become a commander, a position reserved at the time for Koukla and Yuri alone. Pressure grew as Marth used his ownership of Coruscant to try and gain his desired rank. One afternoon, when Marth's aspirations for commander seemed their closest, he got ambitious and banned two senior officers (ARC Dino Salome and Commander Koukla Twilight). Upon Yuri logging in, infuriated, Marth was immediately banished from the GAR and the group pulled out of Coruscant leaving Marth with an empty sim. Homeless, the group made their move back to their birth place of Marunogere (ANCE Co).

Agirus (Ailon) 2006 - 2007Edit

The move from Coruscant was difficult, the clones were set back at Marunogere, and were stuck waiting for a new land to call home. Finally a beacon of hope came through, a sim by the name of Agirus, it was nothing special to the average person, but to a GAR member it was a place to finally call home again.

Agirus wasn’t exactly a great place from the start, it actually began as somewhat of a lump of coal, but every place must start somewhere, and it was there that the GAR once again began building up. Then one day it was announced Agirus would be going through a complete redesign, everything would be torn down and it would be completely replaced. The Engineers began their months of rigorous work which would change Agirus for the better.

The Grand Army of the Republic was finally its fullest potential, the Engineers were hard at work, and Agirus was beginning to look beautiful, even more so than Coruscant was. Agirus was expanding, new land was being added, and a Former Clone trooper was supplying it all. Agirus went from a lump of coal to a Gem in the middle of a residential Sim. The setting was to be conceived as a forest because of the Grassy look of the Sim. After the HQ was up and running the Training department went through yet another revision, this time to make things run even more efficiently, and Clone discipline was on the rise. The Cantina was re-done which was a good place for events and even a place that was supposed to offer employment. Along with this Redesign came the Introduction of two new Council Members, Shock Trooper Welshfireman Ard, and Shock Trooper Biggy Smashcan.

The council was planning things for Agirus and it looked like it could make itself the Grand Armies final home. The Grand Army was finally at peace and things were going to stay that way for a long time... or so it seemed.

Of course the Grand Army couldn’t stay at peace forever and it was found out that the safety and peace was only a false sense of security and that again there were Dark times ahead. Due to a disagreement over land ownership, The HQ was abandoned by GAR.

The Clones were left dazed, confused, and Homeless not sure what was going to happen, and they began to panic. The end of Agirus may be recorded as a dark day in GAR history, or as any dark time, it marks a new beginning, the Clones moved on, and again returned to the Birth place in Marunogere, at ACNE co. The place where it all began and a place the clones can always fall back and regroup.

2007 - 2008Edit

After a brief spell at ACNE and some various small land plots owned by the GAR around the grid a momentous decision was made by the Clone Council, new land would be purchased and owned by the group itself and not any individual, this would at last be a new beginning for the Grand Army. The search for new land had begun...

It was at this time the group’s armour was again redesigned by Yuri. On the 30th July 2007, Armour 3.0 was released to the group, and notably the first edition of the armour was sold at auction to Dino Salome (who also owns battle scarred limited edition armour) for a price of 12,200L$ on the 27th of July 07.

Then came the beginning of a new era for GAR, we arrived in Cakhmaim (see Bakura), the base is owned by the GAR group and not any one individual, therefore the land is safe from SL politics and will be the long term home of the Grand Army for the foreseeable future!

Galactic Unity 2008 - 2010Edit

Coming soon... (Topics to cover: new ranks, new platoons, Galactic Unity acceptance, 4.0 armour, loss of Bakura v3, Bakura v4 built, Yuri, Koukla and other senior members retire on 5th anniversary)

Grand Army Ranks (2010)
501st Planetary Strike Force 724th Army 333rd Navy 21st Galactic Marine Corps.
Trooper Ranks
Trainee Private Airman Recruit / Crewman Recruit Private
Private Private First Class Airman / Crewman Private First Class
Private First Class Lance Corporal Able Airman / Able Crewman Lance Corporal
Corporal Corporal Petty Officer Third Class Corporal
Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Petty Officer First Class Staff Sergeant
Sergeant First Class Sergeant First Class Chief Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant
Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Master Chief Petty Officer Master Gunnery Sergeant
Warrant Officer Ranks
Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer
Officer Ranks
Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Ensign Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Captain Captain Lieutenant Captain
Major Major Lieutenant Commander Major
Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commander Lieutenant Colonel
Colonel Colonel Line Captain Colonel
Brigadier General Brigadier General Rear Admiral Lower Half Brigadier General
Major General Major General Rear Admiral Upper Half Major General
Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Lieutenant General
General General Admiral General

New Republic, New Commanders, New Reorganization 2011 - 2013 Edit

Coming soon... (Topics to cover: Thundercracker and Derek become Commanders, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 armor, reformed ranks, 333rd platoon disbanded, Companies/Platoons/Squads all disbanded.)

Grand Army Ranks (2011 - present)


Coming soon... (Topics to cover: Thundercracker is relieved of command, and Derek appoints Leggo as Commander, 6.3 armor, addition of two ranks, Corps reformed, Squads reintroduced,)

Grand Army Ranks (2014 Present)
Lance Corporal
Staff Sergeant
General/Admiral (Shock)



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