Graziak Kloon is a character of the ESCAPE movies.

First Appearance - Arrival Part ONE

Last Appearance - The Other Story (flashback)

Before the crashEdit

At some point in his past life he became a self employed smuggeler. He recieved a job to retrieve a device only known as the "Organist's Hydrem" He then later failed to deliever it and keep it for himself.

Just before boarding the shuttle he had a doctors appointment where his doctor told him he was clear of infection. Surprised by this he boarded his shuttle.

After the crashEdit

He was seperated with Lyder on day 2 and attempted to contact the outside worlds by himself. He came across a shuttle port located on another beach across the planet where he met a man who told him to head North to find help. He accepted this, and headed north to find help. He came across ruins of an ancient sith lord's grave but ran into James the assassin. James carried out a mission to kill Graziak after a short chase through the jungle. His body remained near the grave and James returned to the Temple.

After the rescueEdit

Graziak has been killed well before the rescue. However his body went missing. It is unknown what happened to it.

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