Green Squad is an elite group of troopers and some Jedi (Newly worked in). They are known for there ready availability as well as there unorthodox deployment methods.

Beginning Edit

About 219 A.B.Y a 501st trooper named Larry Furlough formed Green Squad. Shortly after its formation it was sent on several Recon missions to Korriban to gain inteligence on a iminent Sith attack. Even though they returned home without any information they did gain popularity due to them being the only squad sent on recon missions to Korriban to return.

New Recruits Edit

About 220 A.B.Y all but two of the squad members survived an attack by a group of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. While the other trooper retired after the horrendous blood shed Larry Furlough stayed behind.Larry being the only left trooper in the squad assumed commander rank and began looking for recruits. Eventually he had found his new recruits and for the first time three of them were Jedi. The troopers and Jedi are currently assisting with the defense of Coruscant from the Sith threat.

Current Members Edit

  • Scrappy Theas
  • Rosebud Darkwatch
  • Ariana Haddisson
  • Lorion Sabertooth
  • Ryuuzaki Mode
  • Marvin Runner

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