Gryff is an Amaran Mandalorian, who was born with an uncommon skin condition and eye color. He once resided on Tatooine in the city of Mos Eisley, however the whereabouts of him, or his remains, are unknown.


Early LifeEdit

Gryff was born on Amar, like many Amarans, in a western coastal tribe that was known for spice trading. He had an uncommon birth defect that made his fur black and his eyes red. According to Amaran religions, having such defects meant that you were the spawn of a demon, and you should either be shunned or put into isolation. Before he could even walk, Gryff, along with those like him, were traded off to outworlders and sold into slavery to make up for the cost of spices. Sold to an upperclass family of Chiss, Gryff was given as a pet to the family's only child, Sa'gonn.

Sa'gonn treated his new pet as more of a friend than a slave. Having just moved to Coruscant from Dromund Kaas, he was often bullied and harrassed based on the color of his skin and accent. Having no other friends to play with and share secrets, he found his new pet to be the perfect candidate. He eventually gave him the name Gryff from his favourite mythological creature, the griffin; mispelling his name due to the fact that he was still in gradeschool.

Gryff learned to speak galactic basic from Sa'gonn constantly talking to him about his day and his rants about him being bullied as years went by. He was shocked to see that his pet actually had sentient capability, but used it to his advantage. Teaching him proper basic and getting Gryff to help him with his homework, his new pet eventually eventually reached the same level of intellect as Sa'gonn himself, learning the same rate he was. Being the only person that has accepted him as an equal, Gryff vowed to never leave his master's side and to protect him with his own life.

Sa'gonn: "Will you be there when I need you?"
Gryff: "That would mean I'd have to leave your side, which I will never do..."
― Gryff, vowing to Sa'gonn

Taking his pet one day for show and tell, Sa'gonn finally faced his bullies and ordered Gryff to attack them. He did what he was told and attacked everyone that picked on and harrased his master, hospitalizing everyone he fought. Local authories refused to euthanize Gryff due to the fact that he was obedient and acted on Sa'gonn's every command, who in turn was expelled from his school. Having this new weapon at his disposal, Sa'gonn began to become rebellious to his family and classmates, up until he dropped out of the final year of highschool. Gryff followed him without question, attacking those he was ordered to, and smuggling drugs and spices to and from the specified destinations. both he and Sa'gonn travelled to Coruscant's underworld, signing a smuggling deal and taking on a life of crime. Gryff knew what he was doing was wrong, but he decided that his vow to his master was more important.

Underworld CareerEdit

Gryff sagonn1

Gryff and Sa'gonn aboard their ship 'The Crimson Eye'

Travelling the stars with his master and only friend, Gryff became aquainted with the galaxy's layout and fastest smuggling routs. him and Sa'gonn eventually became notorious for spice smuggling and evading Imperial blockades most of the time. They were able to rig bets and play even the Hutts for extra cash. When the situations got rough, They were able to fight their way out with little to no problem, racking up their bounty with each bet they made.
Gryff: "Do you think we'll eventually get caught, master?"
Sa'gonn: "Wanna bet on it?"
Gryff: "...I'm not that stupid to bet against you."
― Idle conversation between Sa'gonn and Gryff

During a routine smuggling run from Tatooine in Mos Espa , Imperial soldiers cut Sa'gonn and Gryff off from their ship's hanger and they got in a well heated firefight to prevent being arrested. all their bets were against them this time, as both were wounded from the crossfire. Sa'gonn succombed to his wounds almost immediately as Gryff's took a blaster bolt to his right eye. Imperial's mistaked Gryff to be dead, due to the amount of blood from his head and the amount of fur preventing a pulse. He kept up his act of false death until the Imperials left the scene. Struggling to even keep himself alive, Gryff dragged Sa'gonn's body to their ship as he frantically tried resuscitating him.

Once he knew Sa'gonn was truely gone to him, he travelled back to Coruscant and used the money they had from smuggling to pay for a proper burial in his family's plot. The rest of it went to alcohol and losing several bets as he tried to hopelessly fill a now empty void. Masterless and alone once more, Gryff gave up the life of crime, knowing that he was now dead according to Imperial records and all bounties were rendered void. Travelling back to Tatooine, Gryff sold his ship to the highest bidder and used the credits to purchase a moisture farm near Mos Eisley, where he wanted to spend the rest of his days in the isolation he thought he deserved. Most believed that he chose to live on tatooine because it reminded him of his master, but he actually favored the hot suns and the way the warm sands felt between his toes, though he swore never to return to Mos Espa. The only thing Gryff does to remind him of his former master is dyeing the longer fur on the top of his head to match Sa'gonn's natural hair color.

Founding of StarwindEdit

Travelling into the city to pick up his monthly supplies, Gryff's attention was drawn to an orange furred Amaran female, being verbally assaulted by an Imperial trooper. Due to his current distaste in the Imperial's presence in the sector, he quickly intervened and overpowered the patrol, effectively escaping before backup arrived. His new found friend introduced herself as 'Sybil' before taking him to her hideout, where he then found several more Amarans that varied in every possible fur color. Though he was still the only black-furred member of this new found pack, Gryff finally had a place he could once more call home.

Over time, more Amaran drifters travelled to the outer rim in search for refuge, and Gryff's new family took them in as well. Eventually the original members agreed on officially naming their six member clan "Starwind" and electing a pack alpha. they chose the only member that wasn't Amaran; a large albino Shistavanen named Agir Avro. Forming a new bond with Starwind's Alpha male, Gryff swore his allegience the same way he did with Sa'gonn. Seeing his allegience as an honorable action that is rarely seen, Agir returned the favor and made Gryff the Dunn (Starwind's most trusted member).

Life of the DunnEdit

Dennis is carbonite3

the Remains of Dennis, carbonated in his damaged armor, on display in Starwind's clan house.

Taking his title rather seriously, Gryff formed trust bonds with every member in the group, especially an Amaran sith named Rikko. He found himself quite often to be Rikko's conscience and voice of reason, constantly talking Rikko out of several attempts to potentially destroy bonds between members and even overthrow Agir for reasons unknown. Gryff also had to leave his comfort zone numerous times to protect and defend the weaker members against powerful opposition, including a rouge Mandalorian known only as 'Dennis'. Apparently Gryff was the first to ever stand up against him, and because of that moment, the entire city of Mos Eisley knew Gryff's name. 

Dennis didn't appreciate constantly being humiliated by such an Amaran, so he formed an alliance with Tatooine's Sith group just for the purpose of wiping Gryff and Starwind off the map. By now, Gryff had unwittingly formed his own allegeance with the Imperial regimine and Jedi council, who spared every member of their groups to aid Starwind's battle against Dennis and his sith army. Losing several members of Starwind in that battle, they defeated Dennis when he was at his prime, and turned his corpse into a trophy for future members to behold.

Though the majority of the city knew of Starwind, They often mistook Gryff as the pack's alpha. Once he corrected their assuptions and stated there was another stronger and him, Starwind's reputation, fear and respect grew tenfold, having everyone believe that he wasn't the strongest of his ever-growing group. Unknown to Gryff's knowledge, Starwind's reputation grew beyond the planet of Tatooine, inviting guests of a legendary group that would evadently change Starwind all together.

Destruction of StarwindEdit

Starwind was visited by what several members deemed Legendary. Over time, these legends became part of Starwind itself, and proceeded to change the clan from a band of outcasts into a small militia. Local security forces of Mos Eisley began to worry about the new type of persona Starwind began taking on. They became scared that the group that once protected the city would eventually rival the city's own law enforcement and become the exact opposite of who they were. Feeling the resentment rather personally, Gryff, along with Agir, agreed on shipping the clan off the desert planet and station them on the Stenness Space Station, which was where the newly recruited legends were from. Within less than 72 hours, Starwind successfully left the hot suns of Tatooine and travelled to the Hutt controlled Station.

The Station itself housed many notirious and praised beings, including a legend that Starwind all looked up to. An Amaran Mandalorian known as Yom Nole . Several tales, stories and inspirational speeches consisted of Yom himself, and even being in the same station as him made the majority of the clan extremely excited.

Though the stories and tales about him were all true, Yom himself wasn't what the clan had heard and read about. Like everyone else on that station, Yom was shrouded in darkness. He was the first to treat Starwind as nothing more than a pack of brainless animals, ignoring the ventures and deeds they have done together. Coming to this realization struck an extremely fatal blow in the clan's hopes and motivation. Seeing as how Starwind burned the bridge back home to Tatooine, they were stuck to face the dark corruption of that station, without anything to assist them.

As the clan's Dunn, Gryff became aware of the negative affects of the station, listing to the rants, complaints and argument between brothers and sisters who were all so very close. As the corruption continued to worsen, Gryff was forced to take several drastic actions to try and save what little sanity his clan had, though in doing so, only worsened it.

The final breaking point in Starwind as a whole was the death of Rikko. He became angered over the decision to leave Tatooine Even though Gryff was the one who came with the idea, Rikko blamed Agir, assuming that as Starwind Rah, it was his fault they left. Threatening Agir's very life, Gryff had no choice but to protect his Rah.

Gryff: " We are exiling you, Rikko....But we have also decided that you are too violent to be kept alive..."
Rikko: "You have no idea... what Violence is..."
― Gryff and Rikko, right before their final fight.

Successfully killing Rikko with the assistance of Agir, the entire clan saw the act of violence as a power trip. They pointed out that Rikko was only standing up for his belief and was killed for it, forcing them to question who would be next to be killed for speaking their mind. Before Gryff knew it, his entire family consisted of nothing more than him, and the empty dock the clan once resided in. Everyone else either left with other groups to start a new life, or succombed to the corruption within the station. Betrothed with his immense guilt of killing a close family member, Gryff unwittingly opened himself up to the dark forces within the station as well. Just like the other members of Starwind, he began to turn...

The Verd 'GotenEdit

With Starwind now destroyed, and Gryff now stuck on Stenness, he decided to better himself as a warrior and accepted the responsibility and difficulty the life of a Mandalorian would offer him. He believed that becomming a hardened Mandalorian like Yom would make him change his mind about Gryff, and the pain and suffering he would endure on his trials would make up for the mistake he made. Becomming friends with Yom's second hand Kaz Rahiz, Gryff was enducted into the Mandalorian culture and was given the trials of the Verd 'Goten.

Gryff learned as much as he possibly could, giving up sleep and even nutritional meals because they would take up time that he could be using studying. The various tests would involve him travelling to unknown parts of the galaxy to learn various fighting styles that werent commonly found in the books Gryff was given. If he would ever return back to Stenness, Gryff would have to prove that he had learned the techniques by combating the instructors' top students. Failure could either cause him to either end up in medical, having to restart training once he heals, or even death, should a fatal blow ever strike him.

Every time Gryff would return from these missions, Kaz would report that Gryff's mentality would slip slightly every time. It was noted that he became more and more violent in combat, to the point where he was capable of even shutting off his emotions and remorse. There were times when Gryff would even take the lives of the students he was tested against without hesitation or regret. Though Kaz showed concern to Gryff's adapted behavior, it aided him to figure out what type of combat he was best suited for; heavy combat.

Finally mastering the art of hand-to-hand combat, Gryff was given his final test before he could earn his Besker'gam. He was to show Kaz that he would hold his own in combat against a hardened Mandalorian. Challenging Gryff to an unarmored fist fight within the slums of Stenness, the two proceeded a rather brutal brawl. The test was only meant to see how well Gryff would fare against a Mandalorian like Kaz; he wasn't even supposed to win. However, after hours of blood-covered combat, Gryff managed to get in a lucky shot. Dislocating Kaz's arm and throwing him off balance, it was easy for him to find several open spots to take Kaz down for the count.

After both being taken to the medical wing of the station, Kaz agreed to assist Gryff in building his besker

Mandalorian LifeEdit

Spending weeks mining and forging his besker, Gryff designs his outfit to resemble one of Yom's older models. the suit was fitted with a double-plated design to withstand numerous and more powerful blows. he would update his version by adding the same plating around the upper arms and legs for added protection. The colors he chose for his Besker had fit him perfectly. The main color was blue for reliability as the secondary was painted green for duty and dedication. Together, both colors resembled what Gryff saw as Honor. Though the suit itself was still in his basic phase, a certain enhancement to the helmet would evadently become Gryff's signature modification for several suits in the future. A small voice activated blaster would be connected to the helmet's muzzle, should his arms ever become pinned down in any way.

Kaz: "Gryff... what, what is that?!"
Gryff: "I have attached a small blaster to my buy'ce."
Kaz: "You... welded on a FACE GUN!"
― Kaz's initial reaction to the modification.

Now properly outfitted in freshly crafted Mandalorian besker'gam, it was time for Kaz to introduce Gryff to Yom, for a chance that he would be enlisted into their Mandalorian clan. Gryff did everything right in his eyes; learned the most complex fighting strategies, mastered several weapon arts, and even defeated Kaz himself. However, even after of all of the efforts, Yom had turned him down.

Enraged, Gryff returned to his quarters, destroying and trashing anything that wasn't properly bolted down. He was unsure of the reason why Yom had declined his services, but at that exact moment, Gryff pledged to make Yom regret ever meeting him. Concerned with his enraged and heartless personality, Kaz cautiously approached Gryff and gave him a special hit list to help blow off his steam. He had stated that even though Gryff wasn't part of the clan, there was no reason they couldn't still work together. Taking the hit list, Gryff would work in the shadows of the clan and would destroy their enemies. Being a new Mandalorian, Gryff wouldn't have any ties to Kaz, should he get caught. Those he attacked would only see it as a random act of violence.

The list given to him had targets that ranged from petty thieves and drunkards all the way to infamous Sith and renown Jedi. Gryff did not waste any time working his way from the bottom of the list, almost all the way to the top. Each target that fell to Gryff's hands suffered crueler and terrible demises each time.  Eventually, Gryff sunk lower lower into the corruption that had already consumed his beloved Starwind. By this time, Gryff had become a near homicidal weapon than the respected Amaran he once was.

Branching towards the Jedi side of the list, as they were easier to locate, Gryff would quickly learn that combating forcers were far more difficult than his previous targets, but a part of him found it extremely satifying. Every battle he engaged in, Gryff would take mental notes of their tactics and their force abilities, finding ways around their moves and devloping different types of gear designed specifically to combat force users.

Gryff had developed a personal arsonel of weapons and tools, including a highly complex Ysalamir nutrition harness, pressurized and armored for the heavy combat Gryff was accustomed to. Though this Harness limited Gryff's movement somewhat, he was not against throwing away his acrobatic attacks for more stationary ones.

Over time, Gryff adapted more psychologically terrfying tactics, such as using bare hands against a lightsaber wielding Forcer. Being able to tear down such an opponent was humilitating for their master, and terrifying to their peers. These tactics become more and more fine tuned each battle he was involved in, especially once he moved over to the Sith side of his list.

He barely checked his progress, but when he did, Gryff realized that countless people and groups fell to his hands, including small Jedi envlaves, Sith, Imperial regimens, even Mandalorians who have been in service longer than him. Gryff became a one-man army, specially equipped with terminating the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Any other person would have been proud of this accomplishment, but it was nearly the opposite for Gryff. Within the back of his mind, Yom's rejection would echoe in his thoughts, enraging him more and more. it was that type of motivation that would keep Gryff to push forward.

Breaking the CorruptionEdit

After several months of combating targets on the special hit list, Gryff recieved a special call from Kaz. His clan was requesting Gryff's presence to the planet of Onderon. a Jedi enclave had been defacing the Jedi code, from what was told to him, and he was asked to accompany them to see in their destruction. This was finally Gryff's chance to prove himself. it was obvious that his deals of destruction and destroying the clan's enemies had reached Yom. Destroying several force sensitives, something he can now do in his sleep, would surely be more than enough to finally join the clan's side.

Arriving planetside before the rest of the clan, Gryff quickly got to work. the enclave had already began preparations to defend themselves, so he picked one of the Jedi masters to demonstrate his abilities towards the rest.

Jedi: "Aren't there others? we were expecting an army..."
Gryff: "Army? Di'kut... you're looking at the Kriffin' Army!!"
― Gryff to the Jedi, before engaging in combat.

Upon engaging the Jedi master in front of his pupils and peers, Gryff decided to toy with the man before snapping his wrist and stealing his lightsaber. literally beating the Jedi with the pummel of his own saber, Gryff ignored the several pleads of mercy from the Jedi.

Broken and bleeding, Gryff stood above him and ignited the saber. Before he was able to cut the Jedi down, he spoke. His questions would cause Gryff to rethink his entire existance.

Jedi: "I must... must ask. W-w-why?""
Gryff: "What?"
Jedi: "W-why.. did you c-c-come here to fight?"
Gryff: "Isn't it obvious? you brought this on yourself!"
Jedi: "We've done n-n-n-nothing t-t-to you! "
Gryff: "You have defiled what it means to be a jedi! You deserve no less than this!"
Jedi: "T-t-that's b-b-because we were never taught... We had to learn the code our own way because your kind rejected us for... for no reason! You have invaded our very home, call us a disgrace and you think you're in... in the right? What... d-d-did we ever do to YOU?!"
Gryff: "I... I don't..."
Jedi: "Go ahead then... c-c-cut me down in front of innocent children who... who just wanted to learn the f-f-force. Look them in the eyes and tell them... them that you're right, and I'm wrong!"
― Wise words from a dieing Jedi Master