"What you've got on your back is the HARP-51, or High Altitude Repulsor Pack model fifty one. Your HARP is going to be one of your best friends in the service. If you jump or fall from a high height, deliberately or not, you can activate your HARP before you hit dirt, and drift like a leaf the rest of the way."

PGAF Sergeant Gene Vaniva to a new recruit in the PGAF Marines.

The V Armory HARP-51 Gravpack was an anti-gravity device produced for use with their Velmoran armor, as a cheaper and less maintenance-intensive alternative to a jetpack. The Republic Liberation Forces and People's Galactic Alliance Forces both adopted the device and used it extensively in the course of their military and paramilitary operations.


Swrpwikivmew 056

An urban-pattern HARP-51L

The HARP-51 Gravpack was a piece of personal military equipment, approximately the size of a large backpack, in which was housed a moderately sized repulsorlift generator. The stock HARP-51 also sported a transmitter and modest jamming device for use in reconnaissance and long-range operations, as well as cargo compartments for supplies. It was capable of supporting the weight of up to two fully equipped soldiers so that it could be deployed to slow freefall speed and enable greater comfort and mobility for the troops using it. It was armored well enough to resist even a direct hit from light handheld weapons, but even if breached the repulsorlift generator was not explosive. This combination of traits made it highly popular with the troopers who used it. A lighter variant without cargo compartments or transmitter/jammers was also produced, called the HARP-51L, which featured greater repulsor efficiency than the more heavily laden version; the HARP-51's also eventually came in multiple camouflage patterns for use in any environment.


The HARP-51 was adopted by the Republic Liberation Forces during the RLF/Imperial War and became ubiquitous by the war's end, and even through the creation of and reorganization of the PGAF. As such it is the longest-serving piece of military equipment in the PGAF, and due to its reliability and all-around usefulness, was highly regarded by most in the service soon after its introduction. First employed by RLF scouts and commandos conducting orbital drops, it became integral to most irregular operations conducted by the guerrilla forces, especially as they moved towards military actions on Coruscant. The HARP-51 was widely used and administered through the early years of the PGAF. It was integrated into the standard armor of the PGAF AIR commandoes, but it was not until the second invasion of Coruscant and the final reorganization of the PGAF Marines that the HARP-51L became standard-issue, and HARP-51 training was a prerequisite for graduation from recruit status, in addition to the survival lessons and combat drills. Marine and AIR troops alike became intimately familiar with high-altitude drop operations and gravpack use. The HARP-51 served the PGAF with rugged distinction through multi-elevation operations on Coruscant and soon was regarded as indispensable, if not beloved, by the Marines who used it.

Operational DeploymentEdit

Khenotski 001

PGAF Marine Lieutenant Khenotski, pictured here wearing the HARP-51L gravpack as part of his standard kit.

The HARP-51 is still in use and still popular with PGAF Marines and AIR units, continuing to serve with dependable distinction through security and paramility activities in support of the PGA's more limited defense operations in the wake of its isolationist stance since the War with the Revenant.

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