"Statement: I will have you know I am a perfectly law-abiding citizen and in service of Sadako Zythor, the, and I quote; best chef to have ever lived! End quote."

— HK-91, to Aranovi Phoenix, on his legal status.

HK-91 was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid constructed by the droid hobbyist, Obso Zus, shortly after the Old Sith Wars in 3871 BBY. Like his predecessors, HK-91 possessed incredible linguistic skills and highly sadistic tendencies. Despite having a higher unit number, HK-91 does not proceed the HK-Taskmasters line developed by the Separatists, instead named such to celebrate the birthday age of his Hutt creator.

Biography Edit

Obso's Obsession Edit

HK-91 was initially constructed as a collector's piece following the HK-50 series' growing infamy, using the schematics recovered from the G0-T0 droid revolt. Obso stored the yet to be activated droid in his personal museum for the sole purpose of impressing invited guests only for HK-91 to be stolen by a group of hired mercenaries several decades later.

Outraged, Obso ordered a large body of hirelings to retrieve HK-91 which in turn depleted a large chunk of the Hutt's resources, leaving him open to several other raids that saw his once vast collection plundered of all its worth. Unable to pay the accumulated debt, the Hutt Cartel —the force behind Obso's initial raids — sent the now activated HK-91 unit to assassinate his original owner, eventually succeeding in 3811 BBY through means of excessive blaster fire after the naive and elated owner let him in without as much as a diagnostics run.

Life as a Cartel Assassin Edit