The HT-1500 was a large medium freighter produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation in 175ABY.


HT 2

The massive cargo bay of the HT-1500

The HT-1500 was designed to do one thing, and that was haul freight. Essentially a giant, heavily armored cargo container with a weak engine, cockpit, and enormous repulsorlift generators, the HT-1500 provided ample space for the transport of most anything one might want to ship between planets or stations.



CEC developed the HT-1500 as a no-nonsense, no-frills, durable starship for shippers who were interested in durability and little else.


The traditional low cost of using simple materials and systems was mitigated by the sheer size of the HT-1500, but it earned modest returns. Fleet captains appreciated its simple durability, as the HT-1500 was made to last with a minimum of fuss, which meant fewer credits spent on maintenance or replacements. However, the HT-1500 did suffer a reputation for being slow.

The War with the RevenantEdit

Pirates favored the starshp's survivability, and though most often preferred its armor for scrap, others heavily modified the freighter so that it could disable and then consume entire ships into its large cargo bay. As such, a few HT-1500s populated the pirate fleets which allied with the Assembly of Darkness and the Revenant Armada.

Operational deploymentEdit

HT-1500s have largely fallen out of use.

Fun factsEdit

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