The HT-2300 was a direct successor to the HT-1500 and a heavy freighter produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation in 203 ABY.


HT2 2

The HT-2300 without freight pod linked to cargo rack.

Inspiration for the HT-2300 came from CEC's MM/PT-70, a smaller military support transport, which retained relatively high mobility despite its load-bearing capability. CEC essentially scaled up the MM/PT-70 design and created specialized freight pods designed specifically to interface with a long spinal ridge connecting the crew compartment to the engines. The spine sported numerous tractor beams and electromagnetic plating, as well as physical clamps, to keep cargo secured firmly in place. With the inclusion of a larger engine array than its predeccessor, the HT-2300 was slightly less well armored, but benefitted greatly in adaptability and performance.



The HT-2300 was an acknowledgement of complaints about its previous offering in the HT line, the HT-1500. With the potential of expanding the market to which the HT-1500 appealed, CEC set to make the design more efficient and mobile, with greater acceleration. They converted to more fuel-intensive but higher-tolerance fusial thrust engines and conceived the freighter's modular design aspect.


The HT-2300 was more successful than the HT-1500, although its steeply increased price tag put it out of the range of the latter's previous buyers. The freighter was even more popular with pirates, who immediately saw the use of the modular design in capturing other starships or cargo, and the ship retained enough excess output to integrate powerful weapons into its frame.

The War With the RevenantEdit

HT2 3

The "Soiled Lekku," a pirate vessel in the employ of the Assembly of Darkness.

HT-2300s joined their ancestor in the pirate fleet allied to the Assembly of Darkness and Revenant Armada. They were one of the more numerous models favored by the Sith pirates, and represented myriad, original and highly illegal modifications.

Operational deploymentEdit

The HT-2300 has been retired from production, but still enjoys use by space pirates on the fringes of galactic trade lanes.

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