In his maturing years, Hazaek moved to Raxus Prime. There, he lived alone in an apartment and went out to collect any old droids or parts that he could find piled on the planet's surface. He gathered information from them, studying them in more depth as he learned how to craft his own droids from scratch as well as with old parts. Repairing droids was an easy thing for him at this point, and he decided to open a business on Bakura in exchange for a supply of Sentinel droids he had built. He now lives back on Raxus Prime after a year or so of living on Bakura.



Hazaek was born into a small Fosh inhabited village on an relatively obscured, uncharted planet located within the Corporate Sector. He grew to be a fledgling, living a simple life in a village with little technology. Whenever he did see occasional gadgets such as datapads, holographs, and especially droids brought into the village, he was quite intrigued by them. He was a bit of an artist, and made wooden sculptures when he was young.

As he grew older, he ventured more often outside of the village, where he would discover cities and more advanced societies. He rarely socialized with anyone outside of his village, yet he still found it worthwhile to take the trips. One day, he decided to bring one of his toy-sized wooden sculptures to the market in the city to trade. It was of a bipedal creature, almost insect-like. One of the stall keepers observed the sculpture, then pointed to a deactivated droid behind him in his stall, stating that the sculpture resembled it. Hazaek was astonished at what he saw, and suddenly felt the urge to purchase the droid. Once the droid was in his possession, he began his research to figure out how to fix it. After some time, he succeeded, and he then soon after aspired to become a droid repairman. His new droid companion was named "Chips".

His parents were a tranquil and gentle couple. To them, it wasn't too much of a surprise that their son's interests lied outside of their homeplace and lifestyle, as they saw how bored Hazaek was with it even as he was a youngling. And so, they supported Hazaek in his goals while warning him of the dangers. Hazaek was very impressionable, and grew frightened when told of such warnings. As a result, Hazaek remained very solitary throughout his life when not on his planet of origin.



He is usually draped in a cowl with plaid patterns or other intricate designs. On busy days, he could be seen skittering around wearing a welding mask on his face or lifted above his head. He always carries around what looks like a bronze wrench, either on his belt or in his hand. Hazaek's left eye was covered by a mechanical lens that was illuminated orange.

Personality Edit

Hazaek was mainly self-serving. It just so happened that what he wanted for himself, provided for others. All he wanted was to create, repair, solve issues. Money, aside from living expenses, did not concern him unless it was used to facilitate his work.

His social behaviour was often erratic. Although his expressed moods were somewhat mild, they often changed back and forth alot. He was confusing, misleading and often frustrating as he would quite obviously try to cover up his true emotions. But even so, he was very cordial despite his constant fretting.