Hector is a SWRP character in Second Life.

" I have walked both paths of the Force the dark side and the light side neither fully appeal to me"

- Hector.

A red and white amaran by birth, Hector leads mostly a wanderers life now in serach of someplace to call home. Only 19 he has managed to expose himself to both the lures of the darkside and the warmth of the lightside. He is highly trained in the use of the dueling saber and the skills of assassination. A common characteristic of him is silence leaving nearly no sound while moving and when he speaks he does so nearly in a whisper.


Childhood Edit

Born in a small amaran colony on the outer realms he enjoyed a short peacefuol childhood untill he was discovered by the jedi at age 5. Sensing the force within him he was taking up as a jedi and trained where at a young age of 14 he was knighted as a Jedi guardian. For the next few years he would play his role out as a guardian diligintly however at age 16 during a fatefilled trip to yavin he was approached by a female by the name of Diana (last name missing from records) she would make him an offer that would change his path greatly.

The GuildEdit

Diana offered Hector a chance to join an acient guild of assassins exsisting long ago before even the great jedi civil war. Claiming to help change the tide of politics they secretly over ther years changed from the path and only began takigng jobs from high bidders. At this point in his life Hector took up what is now his signiture weapon a curve handled lightsaber or dueling saber. They also engraved him with the skills of an assassin fighting and killing quietly in the shadows he took to the aid of an ally to assist in this skill Killroy Nootan an inspired inventor designed and built a cloaking device for Hector whih he used to disguise his appearance. At 18 Hector began to learn the dark secrets of the assassins guild and fealt that the path they had decided upon was wrong and soon he built a rebellion against the guild.

The Secrete Civil WarEdit

Several other assassins of the guild had took up arms with Hector wanting to bring the curropt masters down ending their path of murder and theiving. The skilled saberists on both sides drew a quick yet violent end to the civil war over the planet of yavin as the guilds secret capital ship "The Dark Claw" became t graveyard filled with its own inhabitants. After much conflict and bloodshed the ship was destroyed and Hector fell to the surface surprisingly surviving the impact but gravely wounded and sufferin amnesia.


After a long recovery time on yavin Hector left with nothing but the clothes on his back where he found refuge with "The servants of the Force" a small order that helped him regain his memory and continue training. After several month he slowly pieced his past back together and left the order.

For nor Hector wanders the galaxy neither jedi nor sith a sideless saberists looking for a home.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"If i was trying to disguise myself from you, you wouldnt even know I exsist right now" -Hector

Easily described as a quiet neturel man his own believes guide him whether it is against the sith jedi mandalorians or anything in between if he feels it is right he will stand with it. He is trained in quietly moving nd blending in with crowds potentially never being sighted or heard even during traverse though busy streets. His skills with the dueling saber aregreat however while strong blade to blqde his combat skill with or agaisnt blasters are lacking.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While not a common user of the Force in combat he is still skileld in it usually drawing his saber by ways of the force he relies when needed on, in his times as a sith, force lightening and as a jedi electric judgement using the Force he alters the weight of his feet so it is distributed till footfals make no sound as he walks.