Hixal Aulus was born and raised to the age of 5 on Bespin until he moved to Varonat as his parents wanted a quiter life style in the green lush fields of Varonat. When his family settled on Varonat they become farmers and so Hixal was raised in the farming industry.

Hixal's parents passed away within 2 weeks of each other when he was 15 years of age. He of course found it tough to deal with but he a man named Tiberus, a close family friend, watched over Hixal when he was growing up. Tiberius was a clan leader for a while on Varonat and was very interested in the political side of things, unknowingly he started to talk to Hixal about the politics of the galaxy especially the Senate of the New Republic which Hixal took a great interest in. After listening to Tiberius talk for days on end about politics Hixal reached the age of 17 which allowed him to run for a position in a clan system whihc he did and was successful in being elected. Hixal Aulus achieved the top position of Western clan leader in just 3 years.

Hixal was now at the age of 20 and was still leading the clan, after being elected several times after his first triumph. He held many meetins with other clans on Varonat and for several years he built a case to get the planet into the Republc... which he failed many times at. In time Hixal gained expirience and 10 years later he had put together a case where the leaders and people of Varonat met to hear Hixal Aulus talk about his dream to enter the New Republic with his people. After his speech it took only 1 moth for Varonat to apply to the New Republic with voting Hixal there leader. There was a planetary party where the people and clans celebrated reaching the vision Hixal had built up over a big part of his life.</span>

In the senate Hixal remained strong and dedicated to the people of Varonat but now the people of the New Republic. He served a successful time in the Senate forming alliacnes and gaining many friends amongst the political games.

During Hixal's time in servant of the people he was fustrated with Chancellor Baccus who had betrayed the Republics constitution on several times. So, Hixal had started a movement of sort to form a vote of no confidence against the Chancellor of which many senators shared the same view of Hixal. It took a while but the Chancellor had finally stepped down dew to pressure from the movement. The New Republic held elections to vote in Chancellor Downz and Vice Chancellor Ta'kara.

During the new elections Hixal had recieved news that Varonat wanted to return the independence as they were before. Hixal had many meetings with the clan leaders to see what they wanted. After long talks and closely looking at the planets views Hixal had no choice but to remove Varonat from the Senate and the New Republic, a decision that would not be his best.

Because of the removal of varonat Hixal was no longer a politician which he was not happy with as he felt he was supposed to be in the Senate. In time many oppertunities came up such as running for Senator of Coruscant and Prime minister of Bakura.. But Hixal removed himself from the Coruscant position as he felt the other Candidate was a better option for the people, he left the race and she was appointed Senator of Corsucant.The Prime Minister position did not suit the ambittions of Hixal as he wanted to get back in the Senate chambers.

Hixal searched for a Senator position for a while and became Senator of Susevfi... but because of lies from Senators Hixal and Sesuevfi did not make it into the Republic. Hixal questioned the decision made by Senators and never got a clear answer form them. Hixal Aulus had no option but to stand down and let someone else get Susevfi into the New Republic. After this attempts to denoucne Hixal were everywhere... for no reason it seemed, this cause Hixal to attempt to take his own life; but with a meeting with TIberius he inspired Hixal to fight back against the claims and get his name cleaered of the vicous lies. After many meetings, speeched and a request to put himself on trial the New Republic backed down apologized to Hixal admitting that the claims had no evidenc and shout not have gotten as far as they did.

To this day Hixal is still in search of achieveing a place back in the Senate, even though he s being hunted. Hixal Aulus will not stop fighting for the truth and will defend it with his life.