Data Entry #01: Sentencing of Czertza MarekEdit

Dust whips about seven men and three women, hooded and cloaked, in the Valley of the Sith upon the world of Korriban. Before them kneels a young man, barely twenty, bloodied. His hands shackled behind him, his head cast down, body slumped.

"We call to question the traitor, Czertza Marek, Sith Apprentice, of Coruscant." one of the hooded figures announces. Behind the ten hooded and cloaked men and women stand several Dark Jedi, Sith Apprentices and soldiers of the Sith Empire. Shouting resonates from the crowd, cursing and yelling obscenity at the man knelt before them.

A hooded woman speaks, "We acknowledge the one present before us as Czertza Marek, Sith Apprentice, of Coruscant." Each of the hooded figures draw back their veils.

The knelt man, Czertza Marek, lifts his head to gaze upon each of those before him. He recognises them as Sith Lords, each of a sect upon the world of Korriban. His lips curl, he is smiling upon them.

"Insolent brat!" an older Lord shouts down at him. Further shouts are called out from the crowd, denouncing the knelt man.

"You are held to account for acts against the Sith Lords of Korriban, for conspiring to their downfall." spoke another cloaked figure.

Czertza Marek, bloodied and smiling, could not help but think them weak, for those true to the Dark Side of the force would have killed him. "I am held to account only for willing myself stronger, if such includes the crushing of weak and arrogant "Lords" then so bit."

Another rain of shouting occurs, dust whirls by as dust devils circle the crowd. The heat of the suns bares down on the knelt man. He lowers his head once again.

"It has been decided in counsel, Czertza Marek, you are hereby found guilty and are to be tortured for no less than two-hundred days. You are to then be frozen in carbonite indefinitely." a cloaked female shouts. Rains of applause ring out upon the verdict.

"I see..." the young Czertza utters under his breath. His head lifts again, "It is clear to me, as my Master had taught me, that each of you are weak. You are caught up in your bureaucratic sentiment, politics and self-dilusion. You fear power, instead of taking it, you push it aside, in the hopes that by numbers none might rise against you..." shouting rings out from the crowd at the knelt man, the Lords begin to curse him, demanding his silence.

"I will not be silent!" he replies, "You are but insects! A plague upon the strength of the Masters of the Darkness of this universe! I understand now why it is that my Master abandoned you!" he chuckles, lowering his head and taking a breath, "Do as you please, I will only return to seek my vengeance upon each of you."

With those words the knelt man is hauled to his feet by a chain lashed about his throat, he is then pulled backward, drawn without resistance into the catacombs of Korriban.

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