The House Tigerpaw originated from the planet Ruusan. They have potential claims through various sectors to rule Ruusan, Corellia and of course, Kesh. Their Headquarters on Kesh in wild space occupies the ancient Sith palace there. As for it their duty to watch over the ancient Sith spirit of Darth Erebus that rule during the Hundred-Years of darkness.

After Zack Andel perished due to assasination from a child that was abopted by Baal's parents. Rain Palpatine had attack and killed Zack leaving the estate to Baal Tigerpaw and his sister Eleora Tigerpaw. To keep the spirit in check Zack Andel sent his nephew off to become a Jedi on Tython and his niece to become Sith with the new force that was emerging on Tython, the Obscurum Dominion

As of late House Tigerpaw is located solely on Tython, it's sole surviving member of the light, Baal Tigerpaw. Trains vigorously to be come great Jedi Knight of Tython. Is currently a Hopeful of the Order.

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