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Hypt before the planet moved

Hypt is a character of the ESCAPE movie.

First Appearance - Arrival part TWO

Last Apperance - Code 14 - 90

Before the crashEdit

Not much is known about Hypt before the crash. His wife was in hospital for an unknown reason. One day she was assassinated and left for dead. Hypts' real name was Kilkin and he felt alone and abandoned in the galaxy. He later saw revenge by joining the Empire. He seems to have lived on this planet for a number of years. He was on Kashyyyk and was shot by an unknown clan who knew he was about to go to Titan One. He lost his arm because of this confrontation. Was on the planet before James arrived, because he introduced James to The General.

After the crashEdit

Brought Lyder to the temple after the crash. Found Graziak's dead body in the mountains. Interviewed Lyder a few days later, enrolled Lyder into the Imperial forces, and kind of became friends with him.

After the rescueEdit

Was ordered by The General to move the planet in case Lyder brought others back. He saw James shortly before this, and then entered the underground station and moved the planet. His current wereabouts after the movement, are unknown.

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