"Amused Statement: I have no current contract with the Exchange, and I don't make a point of taking contracts against potential employers. Besides, the Exchange bores me." - O-4 speaking to Anda the Hutt

Overview Edit

IG-10-O-4, or "O-4" for short, is a heavily modified IG-100 series. Specifically of the limited custom 10-O run made 50 years ago. A modernized take on the old IG-100 "Magnaguard," O-4 is one of 10 other droids. Each one was programmed with a combat preference, and rather than relying on Electro Staffs, some were even designed to operate vibro-blades and even light sabers. O-4 on the other hand, was designed to use Blasters and other types of physical weaponry, although he does employ the use of an "Electrosaw," a type of blade based upon the same tech used in the "Electrostaffs" used by the Magnaguards of General Grievous. His entire combat matrix, simulated personality, and operation style was modeled after several notorious bounty hunters from throughout history.

Electrosaw 001

O-4 wielding his "Electrosaw"

O-4 was set free by his creators roughly 40 years ago. Due to his personality systems and AI, it was feared the droid would turn on the development team eventually. O-4 chose the life of a bounty hunter upon his release, but he has done a number of jobs and tasks for multiple different clients from Hutts, to Sith. He's spent the past 40 years, hopping from place to place, and having some moderate success in the field of bounty hunting.

Personality and Construction Edit

O-4 is cold, calculating, and merciless. As the result of a corrupt AI core, and a rogue algorithm, O-4 is practically sentient. In truth, O-4's AI core was manufactured using ancient tech found within a Sith Holocron found by Holowan Laboratories. All of the Overlord IG-100's in O-4's experimental run were manufactured using this long forgotten Sith craftsmanship. The designs were for a form of ancient Assassin Droid, and due to their construction, an amulet filled with Dark Force energy was required for construction. In lieu of this, a Synthetic Lightsaber Crystal was used in the Droid's power core. However, the shielding within O-4's core blocks any sort of Force detection, but even without it, any sort of aura given off would be negligible. It is possible that O-4's psychopathic personality, is a result of corruption from the Dark Side energy used in his construction.

Project Overlord Edit

Project Overlord was an experiment in modernizing the IG-100 Magnagaurd Model of Battle Droids led by Holowan Laboratories R&D divison, headed by the Trandoshan roboticist Dr. Kal Ghrum. 10 IG-100 Models were broken down, and refitted. Given upgraded AI's, and combat abilities, these experimental models were given the designation "IG-10-O." Referring to the 10 Overlord models, each one was numbered in the sequence of completion.

IG-10-O-4 was the 4th made, and his entire design was based on famous Bounty Hunters such as Calo Nord, Cad Bane, Jango and Boba Fett, IG-88, and many others. O-4 was given the freedom to chose his own weaponry, style of dress, whatever he desired, it was granted to him. The research team wanted to see how the droid would act if it was given more freedom than most battle droids were allotted, and what effect it might have on the droid's ability in the field.

O-4 quickly became proficient in the use of Blasters, but his most deadly weapons were a Flamer and experimental "Electrosaw," created by Holowan Laboratories. O-4 also quickly adapted to the use of a Jet Pack, as well as thermal detonators and proximity grenades. However, his focus on pure combat ability, left him lacking in the personality department. His speech patterns are extremely primitive for such a complex droid, and he often has to clarify his emotional states or intentions before speaking.

O-4's initial development and training lasted for 10 years, before he was ready for a "field test." Holowan Laboratories registered O-4 as a Bounty Hunter, and took on an open contract on a rogue Jedi Padawan. O-4 tracked the Padawan to an isolated icy moon on the fringe, and set a trap for the inexperienced force user. Trapping the young man in a box canyon, O-4 managed to kill the Padawan with his Flamer, after incapacitating him with the use of his Electrosaw.

The data retrieved from O-4's first hunt was astounding, but also highly concerning to Dr. Ghrum. O-4's AI was the most unstable of the 10 Overlord models, and the data showed that he enjoyed burning the young man alive. Realizing that O-4 was on the verge of going rogue he ordered O-4 to be decommissioned. However, somehow O-4 had gotten advance notice, and met the HL Security Team with his Electrosaw. Realizing that it was already too late, and that O-4 had gone Rogue already, Dr. Ghrum ordered O-4 be released, and all tracking and monitoring devices deactivated. Free from his creators, O-4 left Mechis III in search of a life under his own control.

Stryder's Sun, The Hutt & The Grey Jedi Edit

A bounty Hunter Troop, known as Styder's Sun, had enlisted the help of O-4 to strengthen their ranks. A large group made up of Humans, Mandalorians, Twi'lek and several former Jedi and other force sensitives, run by the infamous bounty hunter Ben Stryder. O-4 was sent on a mission to Dantooine with Ben Stryder, and 4 other members of the group. Their target turned out to be a Grey Jedi, who managed to fend off the 6 bounty hunters, and forced them to flee. In the wake of the botched mission, the target's contract was placed on "open status." However, the pay out wasn't listed. Without knowledge of the payment, O-4 broke off to pursue his own contracts.

O-4 headed to Byss, where he sought out the employment of Lady Anda the Hutt. While she had no bounties to give, she did offer to pay the Droid for any information related to Bounty Contracts he may come across. O-4 then gave her the information of the contract out on the Grey Jedi, and upon recognizing the target's name, offered the Droid a 300,000 credit contract for the Jedi, dead or alive. The Droid, deciding that this pay out was better than an IOU from Ben Stryder, took up the Hutt's offer and set out to track the Jedi down.

OOC Notes Edit

  • O-4 is supposed to sound like Ron Pearlman fused with a Speak n' Spell. Rough, and electronic.
  • O-4's player always consults a Bounty Target in an OOC fashion before hunting them. This is to ensure that consensual RP is undergone at all times. The last thing he wants is to engage in OOC retaliatory action. If you have a personal vendetta against a player, it's best to remember it's all a game.