Speeches, Interviews, and Press Releases of the Imperial Remnant. These are unaltered recordings, both audio and video, as well as text, released by the Imperial Remnant or news regarding the organization since its split from the Galactic Empire around the time of the Republic Liberation Forces invasion of Coruscant.

First Interview With Kyr KattajEdit

Executor Ardonis Commodore releases a speech/interview with Kyr Kattaj for a private news group after the RLF invasion of Coruscant, the night before elections for the People's Galactic Alliance. In it he declareshis desire to push the forming Republic off of Coruscant unless they submit to the Remnant's demands. He also discusses the dropping of charges against him by the RLF's provisional government, and mentions his fiance, who he would later be caught pursuing into the RLF embassy as she sought protection, attacking those inside with the force before fleeing.

Kyr Kittaj reporting for the Galactic News Network from Imperial City - Coruscant. After the announcement of the charges against Executor Commodore being thrown out I was able to get an interview with the Executor for some comments about recent events. The following is a holorecording of our conversation.

  • recording starts

Ardonis Commodore clears his throat softly, smiling. "First off, to answer the question, the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence to support any charges against me. But before I go on, are there any other questions you have for me?"

Kyr Kittaj: The obvious question would be what do you intend to do now that the charges have been dropped?

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Well, that is why I brought you up here. Do you happen to have a device on you capable of doing a live feed for the Holonet?"

Kyr Kittaj: A live feed no but I can take a recording and send it out once with my report

Ardonis Commodore begins speech: Citizens of Coruscant, as well as all other planets viewing this transmission. I come to you today in much distress. For the past two weeks, we have been subject to a new forceful regime of power. Our Planet temporarily in Chaos while the Republic forces their new change of government over all of you, even other sovereign systems have been bullied by this so called Peoples Alliance in attempts at making them join their government. I will admit to you now, the Empire has had its foul history as well as many unsavory characters, but we are all people, just like you. We work, we play, and we fight for what we believe in. The Republics grasp for power has corrupted them, turned them against their true intentions. Now once they’ve tasted the power they want more! In an unprovoked move as you have no doubt seen or heard about, Republic forces stormed into Coruscant and assaulted our fair city, and attacking Imperial Personnel for no other reason but greed and feigned vengeance. In this fight, I was taken as an illegal prisoner, forced out of my home, and taken to Onderon to be imprisoned unlawfully. If not for the brave efforts of Imperial soldiers, I may very still be rotting in their prison, if not dead.

Forced into hiding briefly, I took it upon myself to come back to Coruscant so that we could end this petty war. After a meeting with their appointed Chancellor, it was agreed upon that the Empire would be given back the Palace, as well as other buildings under Imperial control. It did not last a day before Republic officers were already causing problems in the street of Coruscant, disrupting the peace, harassing Imperials and non Imperials without just cause. This uneasy truce has taken further turns for the worse. The life of my fiancé, and unborn child are currently in jeopardy, forcing her into hiding. The charges brought up against me on her behalf were dropped of her own accord, but they still attempt at forcing her to testify against me. Repeatedly they have tried to kidnap the woman I love, even assaulting the palace in attempts to get her even before this whole escapade.

And this is where it must end. I have come to you today, not as an Imperial, not as a soldier, but as a person just like every one of you. Help me to stop this new tyrannical movement, forcing everyone to bow under their boot. Help me to drive the Republic out of your homes, and out of your lives, so you may once again return to the security and peace you once had. You will no longer have to hide in your homes if we are successful, no longer have to fear the bullying tactics of Republic forces outside your doors. Citizens of the galaxy, we must fight back!

Kyr Kittaj listens to the speech making sure her recorder was working. Once he finishes she asks "Are you saying that you intend to incite violence against those of the republic?

Ardonis Commodore: I intend to fight for what the Empire has already fought hard for before this Republic was even formed. If the Republic wishes to take this fight further then here, then that is on them."

Kyr Kittaj: Is the republic going to remain here on Coruscant?

Ardonis Commodore: Only if they stand down now and do not make this any harder then it has to be. I will gladly allow them to gather for their Senate, but they will have no power over Coruscant and its Government.

Kyr Kittaj: What purpose will a senate serve if it has no control over the government?

Ardonis Commodore: They have other systems under their control. They do not need this one. Their greed and lust for power is what brought them here. They were not content with what they had, they wanted more.

Kyr Kittaj: And if once the elections are complete the Republic wants to have influence over events here on Coruscant?

Ardonis Commodore shakes his head. They can have the diplomatic building as it was intended to be there for such a cause should it come back to the time of a Senate being present. Though any affairs concerning Imperial operated planets will be handled by Regional Moff's, acting as Senators on the Empire's behalf."

Kyr Kittaj: The Empire does intend to participate in the senate then?

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Unless this turns to war. Should war break out again, the Empire will act accordingly to the threat. If the Empire sitting in on the Senate will help to make the fighting cease to an extent, then we'll go that route. If they want to continue a fight, then it's a fight they will get."

Kyr Kittaj: And what exactly would cause this to erupt into violence again?

Ardonis Commodore smiles. "Violence over what the Empire has decided for its home. Armed assault, assault against Imperial personnel. And, the refusal of Imperial Law on its host planet."

Kyr Kittaj: I see. I believe that is all my questions for the moment. Thank you for your time Executor

Ardonis Commodore bows his head. "Thank you for listening to an old man rant."

  • recording ends

Given that the elections for the Republic chancellor close tonight at midnight is seems whoever takes over the role has a very uncertain and difficult future ahead for the Republic. Expect a full report on the elections once the results are in later tonight.

Declaration of Intent to the Fel Empire and PGAEdit

Press Release after the occupation of Onderon by Imperial Remnant forces. In it, Ardonis accuses Christopher Fel, formerly Christopher Novastar, of taking the Imperial throne as reagent illegally after the pregnancy leave of his wife, Empress Naja Fel, and sets limitations on both the Fel Empire and PGA factions' activities within Onderon.

Declaration of Intent.

We the people of the True Empire, hereby declare the self proclamation to the title of Emperor by Christopher Novastar unlawful and unjust. The Peoples Galactic Alliance has interfered with the affairs of the Empire far too many times and must be stopped for their crimes against sovereignty. Their corrupt standing and intervention in politics not under their control has gone too far. We demand that the Republic officials involved in this action be brought to justice for this illegal intervention, and the false Emperor step down from the throne.

As the standing military body of Onderon, we are restricting all access to Republic and Coruscant Imperial personnel unless the parties involved in visiting declare themselves as free citizens not involved with the Republic or Empire. Officers and high ranking officials of either faction must send communications before hand of their visitation plans and intent for being on Onderon, in the interest of peace and safety of the planet of Onderon. Any Republic or Imperial member caught on Onderon overtly, will be detained for an unspecified amount of time before being sent back home or instead to a penal colony of the magistrates choosing. Repeated actions against the laws set on Onderon by Imperial or Republic personnel will result in war against the offending faction.

Signed Duke of Onderon, Commander of the Remnant Imperial Forces, Ardonis Commodore

Second Interview with Kyr KattajEdit

This interview takes place around the time of the unrest on Onderon. Ardonis discusses his negotiations with the Sith on Onderon that resulted in their departure (including an unactivated clause granting sanctuary to agreed-upon Sith). He is joined by "Jade," a Knight of the Remnant. He also discusses his deal with the Darkside/Sith spirit 'Wraith' in an attempt to revive the dead body of one of the Empresses' deceased past fiances, a spirit that went on to orchestrate chaos that resulted in injuries and fatalities among Imperial Citizens, and explains how this admitted mistake was not reason enough for his arrest by Emperor Novastar/Fel, and his intentions for the future in light of these events.

This is Kyr Kittaj of the Galactic News Network. Recently I was invited to Onderon for an interview with what is known as the Imperial Remnant. A faction of the Empire lead by Executor Ardonis Commodore, which split from the Empire on Coruscant recently.

I was able to sit down and have a talk with the Executor and the woman Jade, a paladin of the Remnant about current events and their place in the galaxy. There where some rather shocking revelations about the reason behind the split of the Empire and Remnant. As well as an explanation for how the Remnant was able to take Onderon back from the Sith.

  • holorecording starts

Kyr Kittaj takes a seat on the bech taking out her holorecorder and activating it "Yes of course that would be fine. I have actually been very interested in getting an interview with you. So much has happened since the last one"

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Indeed it has. I suppose you have a list of questions already set?"

Kyr Kittaj: Yes, actually first I would like to get your comment on what happened on Coruscant and at the Rendili ship yards with the attack last night

Ardonis Commodore: I'm sorry, but I honestly have no current knowledge of that. I've been busy most recently. What happened on Coruscant?

Kyr Kittaj looks curious "Sith forces attacked the main city on Coruscant, there are also conflicting reports that they have taken the Rendili ship yards

"Jade" (Taffa Markova) chimed in. "there was a news report on that. pirates stole a shipyard or something. Couple of the 202 were in the system and offered aid."

Ardonis Commodore frowns, staring at her for a moment before turning to Jade. "It would seem I need to watch the holofeeds more. Or hope that my intel people are more on their game on current events. Forgive my ignorance in the matter. Once I have more knowledge on the situation myself, I will gladly update you."

Kyr Kittaj nods "One of the main questiones people have right now for you, is how exactly you were able to take control on Onderon here. It had been under sith control briefly before from my understanding"

Ardonis Commodore nods, sitting up slowly. "Quite honestly. I came to them, and told them that I wanted them off of Onderon. The Sith Dynasty was spread thin between Onderon and Korriban, so I told them simply they could not afford a battle for this planet as it would cripple their numbers. The Dark Lady agreed, and pulled her people out. I did promise political asylum for a few select members of her cabinet should she choose to do so, but she never stepped forward with her people so we have been Sith free all this time. I also demanded the release of Queen Astra from the Sith as well. I'm not as violent of a man as people believe me to be. Yes, it would show that intimidation was used as a tool, but it saved lives, and avoided major damage to the city and its people."

Kyr Kittaj: It is usual for a planet to be given up so easily. Was there any sort of terms to this agreement or did the sith simply leave?

Jade (Taffa Markova) says 'There have been stragglers every now and again, but every effort is made by us, and by the 202nd clone battalion to keep the planet as safe as possible. Residents ahve been returning quite comfortably. People here are happy to host us."'

Ardonis Commodore: No terms. I merely said they were not my focus at the time. And they seemed to think that was enough. As it stands, we're currently focused on the Republic. They have a hatred for the Republic as well. They tried to talk me into a form of an alliance, but I made it clear that this was only a temporary cease in my mission against the Sith threat. Perhaps they thought they could use this to their advantage, who knows. But I made no agreements to help them or trade anything with them.

Kyr Kittaj nods "there has been a great deal of speculation about exactly why this split happened in the empire. Would you care to give your view of what happened?"

Ardonis Commodore: The great divide of the Empire, yes. That.... is quite a long story. I'll admit, I did do some wrong, but not to the extent I'm being accused of.

Ardonis Commodore: I'm sure the public is greatly aware of the threat known as Wraith. We had him in custody for a short while. We came to find that there was another spirit inside of the host body. Known as Simus. In my.... less then stable state of mind at the time. I sought the ends to a problem, and the answer to my serrogate daughters anquish. I employed Simus to aid me in killing Wraith, as well as bringing back a fallen comrade from the dead. A fools move you could say. But a father will do anything in his power to see his daughter happy again. I gave Simus a new body to host his spirit, and as he was bringing back our friend, Wraith woke to early. During the process of the resurrection, a strong blast of force energy knocked me across the room, causing my head to hit the wall. I later found out that it caused a mild concussion, temporarily imparing me. Wraith got the jump on Simus, slaying him in his new body, threatened to kill me and the newly living Jonas if I resisted him. In my impaired state, little choice but to let him out of the room. I sounded the alarms on the ship afterwards, but it was to late. He managed to escape still. From there, the man currently claiming to be Emperor took it upon himself once he found out what I had done, and called the Republic in to arrest me. This should have been dealt with as an internal matter, and investigated at least to some extent. But instead since he felt that I wronged him in bringing back Naja's former fiance, he went direct to the Republic to have me taken down. Many people saw this as an act of treason. He's done quite a few things in his time of service, outside of his duty or his power. Gone against the Emperess' orders. My attempted arrest was the final straw for certain people within the Empire. From there, we began to form up, and create the force that resides here on Onderon. We're here as a peace keeping force at the time, aiding the Onderon Royalty while they reform their Guard."

Kyr Kittaj pausing for a moment sorting through all the information "You fully admit that your actions with this Wraith were for personal reason though. It sounds as it endangered others

Ardonis Commodore: No, not just for personal. I had full intentions of killing him. Had he not woken up to early, he'd be dead, and we wouldn't be in this situation now. If we want to go into self sacrifice, why I didn't attempt to kill him afterwards and die trying, the same should be asked of Azlum. He could have ended this long ago. If the sacrifice of a life would have solved the problem, he could have sacrificed his own.

Kyr Kittaj: but it was actually this incident with wraith that caused this spit to happen? There had actually been no report of it before. Only that you and the current Emperor had differences

Kyr Kittaj looks down as her datapad blinks at her she quickly scrolls through the incoming report "oh... my"

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Indeed. Jonas, the man that I had brought back, was the former fiance to the Emperess. He was struck down by Sith assassins before while doing his duty to protect her years back. Talking to her less then a day before, she admitted she was ashamed of what she would give to have him back. So, I tried to make her happy. By doing so, it seemed to insult Chris, and in retaliation over 'betraying' him, and letting Wraith escape in my weakened state, he tried to have me taken out of the picture more or less."

Kyr Kittaj slides her datapad across the table to Ardonis "I am sorry to interupt but you should see this latest news"

Jade (Taffa Markova) herself rolled her eyes and sighed. "Ardonis, it appears that Novastar has declared war upon us. And it also seems he's named Naja's unborn baby...

Ardonis Commodore slowly looks over to the datapad, both brows raising high as he looked it over. "These words are lies, and they will not go unpunished. If the boy wants to declare a war, then he shall have a war. I gave them a chance to do this peacefully, didn't want this to turn to war. But as always, they chose to fight first, not me."

Ardonis Commodore: As for the false accusations made my Chancellor Horten about the assassination attempts on the Emperess made by the Remnant, that is also a lie. I have fought for nearly a decade to keep the Empire alive for her. Why the kriff would I have her killed? The lies and propaganda of the Republic, as well as the False Empire, know no bounds. They will do anything to ensure their corrupt hold over the galaxy it seems.

Kyr Kittaj taps her fingers on the table "that is a great deal of conflicting information. what will your reaction to this declaration be?"

Jade (Taffa Markova) folds her arms, "The remnant wants nothing short of the security of the galaxy and the preservation of diversity of government. If the empire wishes to crush democracy under lies. then we will fight for the right of every free citizen of every world.

Ardonis Commodore: My reaction is this. We, the people of the True Empire, will do what we must to ensure the soverignty of the systems under its jurisdiction. The final preperations are made, we can only hope the others will follow."

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Do you believe this declaration will result in direct fighting between the two factions. Would you be open to diplomatic solutions if offered?

Ardonis Commodore: I have offered diplomatic solutions already my dear, they refused. Unless they're willing to counter my offer with something of similiar nature, then I doubt there will be any comprimise.

Kyr Kittaj: I am sure in light of this announcement you are a very busy man Executor. Do you have anything to say in closing?

Ardonis Commodore nods, slowly standing up. "I do. I hope that the young man claiming to be Emperor will see this interview, and wake up. I once thought he was a bright young man. We even spoke not long ago about rejoining the Empire to its former glory. But I cannot sit idly by while he usurps the throne. And to the Chancellor, I hope he'll see this, and know what he faces. Free people, unbarred by his corrupt government, willing to die for what they believe in."

Kyr Kittaj stands picking up her recorder "Thank you for the interview Executor"

Ardonis Commodore bows slowly. "Thank you for comming so far out of your way. Have a safe trip back home."

  • Holorecording ends

After this interview ended I was able to talk to an anonymous source who had some interesting commentary on the Executors comments. Many questions remain. Was this split in the Empire truly due to ideological differences, or was it a battle over the late Empress Naja whom Emperor Christopher married and whom Executor Ardonis considered a daughter. The Executor himself attempted to interfere with the wedding between Christopher and Naja, and clearly did not approve of their marriage. Sources note that before Chris and Naja’s romance began the now rival Executor and Emperor had good relations with each other.

War is never good for the galaxy. Is this conflict over who can bring order to the galaxy? Or a jealous spat over a woman? It is a question which we may never get an answer to now that the Empress is deceased, should it be true however these men may sacrifice many lives for the sake of their personal conflict. Perhaps only history will be able to judge.

Press Release by the Remnant its Removal from Onderon Edit

This release was given after joint Imperial/Jedi/PGA forces forcibly removed Imperial Remnant and 202nd occupiers from Onderon at the behest of Onderon Royal Guard officer Riley West. In this he discusses his criticisms of the Fel Empire, his own use of Darkside powers and declares his hatred for the Sith.

  • Transmission Begins
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  • Audio Stream Only

Citizens of the free Galaxy. This is Ardonis Commodore, Commander of the Remnant Imperial Forces. And I would like to chat, if you have but a moment.

I am speaking to you today to set right the stories being set against me by the Republic, the Coruscant Empire, and the group that calls themselves Jedi. The actions that transpired on Onderon recently were grim indeed, but the story does not go as they tell.

When the Queen fell ill, I immediately took her to the medical facilities. While trying to find a medical examiner or someone qualified to deal with the situation properly, a former member of the Remnant set up decoy explosives around the city of Iziz to distract the Remnant forces so he could take the Queen from her home. This move was not only a terrorist action against the Royal House and citizens of Onderon, but it also prolonged the Queen from recieving medical treatment. Later, information was brought to me, proving Jade Jetaime as the party responsible for poisoning the Queen as an attempt to usurp the throne. The claims of the Republic and the Jedi make no mention of me helping one of theirs escape imprisonment after the Regent Queen ordered him to be confined, nor the fact that I promised to help them pull her from the throne; If they would see to it that justice was served for Riley West's terrorist actions. As for my encounter with the Regent Queen and her Sith minions, I had no intentions of keeping the throne for myself. As always, I fight to ensure sovereignty, unlike the Republic. Republic, Imperial, and Jedi forces were brought to Onderon in an attempt to have myself and the Remnant pushed off of Onderon. The Queen however had no idea of these plans. In response to the attempt to arrest me, it was unlawful and without reason. The Queen asked for Azlum to be removed from her throne room, and I natually responded to her request, calling for two troopers to come and do nothing more then escort him from the room. When I placed the call, the Viscount, Riley West, ignored her orders, and thus tried to have me arrested. This is just one time, of repeated incidents where the Queen's wishes have been ignored.

As for my involvement, no, I did not leave Onderon. However I made no attempt to stir up more troubles, nor did I try and take power away from the Queen.

These men and women are so quick to point the finger and blame others, but the truth is, they are the aggressive parties, and I am the victim. I make no attempts to deny my use of darker powers, nor have I ever tried. I myself have my own views of the force and its use, which is my right. As for my collection of dark artifacts, this collection was compiled by myself, and the former Regent Empress, Talmerith Jael. The false Emperor requested, after I welcomed him back into the Empire after betraying us for the Republic, to be taught in the ways I have learned, to better understand other aspects of the force and its abilities. And yet would claim this to be evil, when he himself knows and asked specifically to learn them. Citizens, I am not a truly evil man, despite my past. I am just like you, I laugh, I cry, I feel pain, anger, and dispair, and just as everyone else, i will eventually die an old man.

But to stand any longer for these unjust and baseless accusations, while you are all told lies and half truths about me or the people that serve with me would be not only wrong, but it would be unjust for me to allow you to make your decisions without this clarity. I was once a Jedi, but that life was stolen from me by the Sith. Since then, I've fought long and hard to try and make my way to their source, and destroy them any way I could. In my dealings with the Sith on Onderon, they gained no ground, or anything that gained them any leverage other then a reprive from my works of hunting them down and taking them out. And allowing a small entourage of them to walk freely, was simply a ploy to keep an eye on them, perhaps to learn more of their inner circle, and their top members for future reference.

From this day forward, I ask...No. I urge all of you to look behind the lies, ask for the full truth, and never... ever... trust the words of a Sith.

This is Executor Ardonis Commodore... Signing off.

  • Transmission Ends

Release Following the Revenant Armada Invasion of CoruscantEdit

In this audio press release, Executor Commodore blames the invasion of Coruscant on its citizens and declares that the Remnant will liberate the planet.

Holonet Feed:

Audio Only:

Source Location, Kuat:

Citizens of the Galaxy. This is the Executor of the Remnant Imperial Forces, Ardonis Commodore. I come to you today, saddened at the news and propaganda that’s being thrown around since the recent attack on Coruscant. There are many people to blame for this unfortunate event that has taken place. Namely yourselves. You allowed this. You let this happen. You allowed the Republic to force their way into your lives, force themselves into Coruscant to fuel their own greed. You then allowed a False Emperor to reign over Coruscant, who is little more then a Republic tool. And now, when they have failed to protect you, failed to keep their promises, you search for answer while you flee for your lives. Well look no further citizens, the fault is your own.

At this time, I am declaring the forces of the Remnant Empire at war with forces of the Revenant Armada, and the Sith Orders of Korriban. While the fleets of the False Fel Empire, and the Peoples Galactic Alliance lay crippled, limping to recollect from the recent battle, our fleet stands strong, ready, and eager to fight the evil forces in place of your previous so called protectors. Should they feel the urge to fight at our side, so be it. But we will fight until the last man.

We do not ask for your money, your power, or your loyalty at this time. Merely that you stand out of the way, and let us do what is needed. We will cleanse the chaos the Republic allowed to happen. We will bring back Order to this Galaxy once again. Each day that passed while we sat back, silently waiting for our time, our forces have built, our fleet has grown, and our resolve has only become stronger. So fear not dear citizens, we will do what is necessary, as we always have.

Press Release Explaining the Resignation of Ardonis CommodoreEdit

This release was given to the press after the Imperial Remnant's unilateral withdrawl from efforts to liberate Coruscant from the Revenant Armada.

From the desk of Ardonis Commodore:

Faithful people of the Empire, citizens of the galaxy, it saddens me that this day has come. For this day, in the best interest of the Empire, I hereby resign my commission of Head of State and Grand Moff. Before I leave, my last order promotes Admiral Halycon to the rank of Grand Admiral, and my replacement. Other necessary promotions will be made accordingly before my commission ends.

I can no longer serve the Empire best in my current position while the Republic holds their vendetta against me. I can only hope that my successor will inherent better diplomatic relations then I. I regret nothing, and will not apologize for anything I’ve done for this Empire.

I will continue to serve the Empire, but in a more modest capacity. As the regional Governor of the Kuat System, I will not abandon the Empire I’ve helped build up over the years.

Interview with Grand Moff Tarkin by GNNEdit

Interview with Imperial Grand Moff Willuf Tarkin following their surprise invasion of Alaris Prime, a world in the Kashyyyk system.

Interview with the Grand Moff Vladimir Tarkin, VI (Karl Kleiber), by Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide for the Galactic News. ((quoted with the respective players agreements))

Daana Kira releases her glass on the table as she asks the first question "So you're commander in the Imperial Army, could you make us a summary of the current state of the Empire and their short run plan of progress?" Vladimir Tarkin says "The Empire currently is in probably the finest shape it's been in within a hundred years, a lot of new reforms to the bureaucratic process I've implemented have led to a rather prosperous era for us. I've made the markets a lot more friendly to free trade, got rid of quite a bit of the corruption clogging things, re-formed the military hierarchy with a more concise and clear cut purpose, and focused inwardly for a long time on the people of the Imperial sector and their welfare. As for our short term goals, the Empire is committed to galactic stability and the well-being of the citizens and the economic infrastructure, this is an Empire now led by regular folks, just like you, not some kings or Jedi or Sith masters, just us regular military folks. We've got all this might, we're going to try to make a difference out here and use it to create an environment where your freedom to succeed and prosper is not as a puppet under a dictatorial regime."

Rakiko Lowtide nods quite impresses by the man's description of the empire and adds a soft question to Daana's "What section of space does the empire currently control?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Currently the Imperial Sector consists of a large swathe through from the core to the outer rim, along the route taking one galactic north from Coruscant to Bastion and its outlying regions. Also several small sections of galactic west. Due to our highly advanced technological interests, the Empire also maintains a large presence at several sectors in the Deep Core, comprising the Deep Core Security zone, and extragalactic defence positions in the halo worlds."

Daana Kira motion her hand asking her next question "You said the Empire has changed, Wookiees told us they don't have forgotten the slavery they had to endure earlier when they were part of the first Empire. As you intervened in Kashyyyk, could you tell me how the Empire sees the Wookiees now... and by extension all non human species?" Vladimir Tarkin says "The Empire has since the time of Gilad Pellaeon forward, had no hostile intentions to non-humans of this galaxy. Our definition of "alien" shifted significantly upon actual contact with the Vong as well, as now we all seem like one big happy family... considering what lurks in the dark. We wish nothing but well upon the Wookiee people." Vladimir Tarkin says "Many non-humans serve within Imperial ranks today." Vladimir Tarkin laughs "My administrative assistant is a Cathar, and my best general is Iridonian."

Daana Kira nods slowly, rubbing her head-tail "So they could be imperial citizens like you and me?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Of course, you two can establish Imperial citizenship as can any non-human or any human merely by establishing residency on an Imperial world, or applying for a visa. Borders are not restricted and visas are not required for stays under 6 galactic standard months. These rules are non-discriminatory." Vladimir Tarkin says "The Empire wishes to encourage trade, not close its borders." Rakiko Lowtide nods "Good to know". Vladimir Tarkin says "This is not to say no member of the Empire may hold sentiment against a species not their own, probably some do, probably a good deal of those aren't humans, and that's because we're a cross section of galactic society, serving the common purpose of order and stability. We're not an ideological camp, we're not a religion, we're a nation, and a people, and an Empire. In this, we're neutral. We care for our people, and we care for other people, and we view other individuals and entities based upon actions."

Daana Kira grins "I'll see that. I'll like to visit more the Imperial space. Is the Imperial interested conflicting with other regional galactic government... Like we had a crisis with the People's Galactic Alliance for Kashyyyk for instance." Rakiko Lowtide agrees with Daana's question "Yes, what type of conflicts are the Empire engaged in and against who." Vladimir Tarkin says "The recognized government of Kashyyyk requested assistance, against an entity that has proved nothing but hostile to us. We were all too happy to acquiesce. We're always happy to lend a hand to the little guy getting pushed about, and our forces are quite capable of handling any of the big boys out there on a level field. As for us being at "WAR" with anyone right now, noone really, we're more focused inwardly on the strength of the people and planets under our care. Conquest is so 10ABY. We've found it best to focus our resources for the past some years on both civil and military buildup, it's worked out quite well. The Imperial sector is turning into a bright jewel where people enjoy opulent lives and vast freedoms. If in the future events bring us into conflict with anyone, the civilian population can rest assured we'll do our best to be precise and avoid use of superweapons on populated planets.'"

Daana Kira nods during he speaks and grins at the end "I hope superweapons would have no use anywhere.", she pauses and continues "I was half surprised to meet you on Nar Shaddaa, are you tracking all systems quitting the Alliance?" Vladimir Tarkin ashes his cigara and continues "No actually, the regional government had contacted us after the Republic apparently deemed them to be not quite "republic material"" He says making little quote symbols with his hands "And they, like we, have a duty to ensure the safety and economic prosperity of its citizens, thusly they wished diplomatic parlayance with the major powers of the galaxy. The Empire comes quickly when you say you need help, we're always happy to help people ensure that for their citizens too. The Empire doesn't judge people and find them unworthy, except by their actions. Whoever you may be, be a friend to us and we will be such to you. This Empire is committed to being a neutral party governed by logic and efficiency, for the sake of the future."

Daana Kira turns her glass in her hand and comments "I see, what is the nature of the support you're proposing. They already have the Revenant Armada deployed, which is one of the cause of their withdrawal"" then she asks "do you think you can work altogether with them?" Rakiko Lowtide sips on his drink and looks at the man to watch his reaction to any of the questions. Vladimir Tarkin says "The Revenant aren't currently a threat to anyone, well at least for the moment... they've seemingly ceased all aggressive activities once withdrawing from Coruscant. Work WITH them? No. However, the Empire in such a time of galactic crisis, can not afford to use ideological lines to plot firing solutions. If they take aggressive action, we destroy them, if not, we leave them be. Same goes to any other group, we're coming out to stop any hostile forces aggression against peaceful worlds. Nothing else, now." Vladimir Tarkin says "At the end of the times of crisis we face now, that policy is subject to change. They have many crimes to answer for, as do many others, but for now.. the galaxy needs a peace-keeper."

Daana Kira puts her glass back on the table without having drunk and asks, fixing the commander sight "I have a more personal question, your Family is from Eriadu I've been told, what do you think about the last manifestation on this planet against the Empire, in which you were named?" Vladimir Tarkin says "I think it's a bloody joke is what, those people talking about the "anti-xeno" movement, well they're talking mostly ancient history and conjecture, the truth about the history of Eriadu is that the anti-alien sentiment there is due to the prevalence of raids from hostile alien species who would capture humans to take for... who knows what out there in the outer rim. I was a bit tilted myself when younger by being under constant attack from things I could not describe. I learned, serving with non-humans." Vladimir Tarkin says "I learned that basically, ya theres a lot of species who wish to eat me. Some in a more fun way than others. Just like humans, some are bad some are good, and species itself doesnt even define that. Life is far more complicated than to be that easy. The Eriadu people are fools, I've not been there in 40 years." Vladimir Tarkin says "Excuse me, I don't mean the PEOPLE of Eriadu, I mean the crazies in their propaganda department, talking about a man they never met who cares not to even visit their region of the galaxy. I hated that place growing up, I don't really want to move back."

Daana Kira nods "So for you these are misguided and obsolete rants, reused during of the current affairs?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Yes definitely, I've never met that man, he's not even been alive since I lived there, I never ruled the planet I just helped get rid of the nasty things eating our children in the night, and I left. Now someone with a grudge against history of my family long ago out there spreads fear and hate among the citizens to get them nice and afraid to keep control of them. And their PGA leashmasters wish them to use it to frighten more people, to further beat down and control citizens in the galaxy. Sad really."

Daana Kira puts her hand on her lap and leans back on her chair "I have a last question, I think, You told at the beginning the Empire gave a a sort of special role to the military. Could we consider there is two sort of citizen, the servicemen and the civilians? and is your own personal opinion on this matter, as officer, the same as the Empire official view?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Servicemen are citizens, and all citizens are at least potential servicemen. We view duty to ones community and service to the people's well being as the utmost priority and the greatest morality of all. Duty comes first over all, we're servants you see. We are not rulers, people who think they're rulers are fools, they're servants but only to their egos. Sure we don't masquerade under some democratic system, because we're a meritocratic system, performance and competence gains responsibility." Rakiko Lowtide nods "I hope all the imperial citizens agree with you". Vladimir Tarkin laughs a bit "Benefit of military dominance, the military is made up of common folk who don't like overbearing royalty much. I don't think the troops would tolerate it ever again, they seem to be quite happy doing things the sane way for once.

Daana Kira raises her hands over the table and motions one as she speak "All the Imperial Citizens have the duty to serve, like do the servicemen? How a military organization can deal with the freedom of the press?" Vladimir Tarkin says "Freedom of the press is a right in Imperial territory, we really don't care much for propaganda and lies, we're just not into such games. We tell our people the truth, and if they dont' like it that's fine. Only thing that is not tolerated in Imperial space is actually acting as an anti-government terrorist, we just don't have the interest in spending money on policing peoples thoughts, gotta protect against battle-fleets first. *Laughs*" Rakiko Lowtide smiles and chuckles

Daana KiraDaana Kira has another question she asks "I have a last question, You talked about the crimes of the Revenant Armada, where you referring on the last rampage of now Galactic City, but formerly your capital known as Imperial City?" Rakiko Lowtide listens with interest as he doesn't have first hand knowledge of what happened on Imperial City. Vladimir Tarkin nods "Yes, indeed. Though with their withdrawal from there, and the PGA's destruction of the replacement structure the Armada paid for to replace the battle damage, the situation becomes less clear. Frankly Coruscant in general is looking more and more like a money pit each day that would be a detriment to Imperial economics to invest in, considering the awful frequency of people wanting to blow that planet up. I mean, how can we have a "galactic capital" that keeps getting blown up every few years anyway Vladimir Tarkin says "The Armada will have to answer for its crimes there, hopefully they'll decide to stop attacking other planets, and pay reparations to the victims in the galaxy, and surrender the war criminals who ordered the bombardment of the civilian facilities. For now though, we feel wasting assets to chastize them would be foolish and detrimental to galactic stability. Vladimir Tarkin says "Not that I wouldn't ENJOY chastizing them. I would. I can be extremely spiteful." Vladimir Tarkin says "Quote me on that part."

Daana Kira nods having a sad feeling for the billions of people living here "I understand you, commander, That's all we had to ask you."

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