The IXLL-15K, often referred to as the Ixll was a starfighter designed and produced by Guarja Shipyards.


The Ixll-15K possessed a simple cockpit layout, supported by space for an optional copilot which could be used in combat or for training purposes. Two moderately powerful blasters flanked the cockpit, as well as two large wings which housed shield projectors and senors. Electromagnetically plated maneuvering vanes extended from the ion engines, providing the craft with above average maneuverability.



Guarja, a shipyard in Hutt space, designed the Ixll-15 in 200ABY, with the intention of officially marketing it as a starfighter for atmospheric and planetary defense forces, and unofficially as a starfighter for less legitimate pilots, specifically pirates. Guarja attempted to strike a balance for considerations in both markets. It based its design on the Ixll, a creature native to Da Soocha V, and used a variety of common, standard starfighter parts to ease maintenance and increase longevity. To ease pilot integration it also added a copilot seat to the cockpit. The Ixll-15 went almost immediately from design to production.


The low cost and surprising quality of the Ixll-15 made it a runaway success on the outer rim and among backwater planets, where it enjoyed a reputation for durability and effectiveness. Pirates especially favored the somewhat sinister-looking craft. Later in production, the hyperdrive was upgraded towards to a proprietary class 1.0 machine of Guarja's making, and the new make was named the Ixll-15K, which became the standard model until its retirement in 210ABY.

Operational deploymentEdit

The Ixll-15K still occasionally finds use among poorly funded defense forces or undiscerning pirates.

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