Jacun Murek is an 10 year old, force-sensitive boy living on the planet of Nar Shaddaa. He is an Jedi exile - he was exiled from the Dantooine Jedi Enclave as a Padawan. Jacun is now working for the Bloodtalon crime lord, Artimis Raiden as an mechanic.


Life before Jedi, small childEdit

Jacun was raised on Corellia, around 250 ABY. His father was an rich merchant, and his mother had no job, as Jacun's dad was getting enough money from all the trades. He had an great childhood on Corellia... until he was 5. His mother leaved the house and didn't come back at all. From then on, the only parent he had was his father, which was caring for him very much. He got into problems with the Sith, he couldn't pay back the credits he borrowed from them - his job as a merchant ended as the mine he was getting rocks from had an accident and was no longer available, So he and his little son Jacun needed to flee away. He left his son, Jacun on Dantooine - he knew the boy was Force Sensitive, so he thought that he could become a Jedi.

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