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Race: Female Human
Age: Looks to be about 24... actual age is much older
Born and raised on: Baltimn
Parents: Dark Jedi Masters Talancer Flanagan & Tracy Binder

NOJ Jedi Master

Padawan trained to Knighthood: Sir Dante Vos (Sciarri)
Other Padawans: Neo Sion (left order of own accord)


Early LifeEdit

  • --coming soon--

Life with NOJ on Yavin IV located on Hope IslandEdit

  • --coming soon--

Fallen from Grace: Jaedon with her ParentsEdit

  • --coming soon--

Life with NOJ on Yavin IV located on own simEdit

  • --coming soon--

Life with NOJ on RuusanEdit

  • --coming soon--

OOC AccomplishmentsEdit

Original Main Administrator for the NOJ Forum

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