Early LifeEdit

Jaga was born to a small group of Clan Ordo exiles. He was born and raised on Nar Shaddaa. He grew up learning his Mando heritage and was always the best fighter of all the kids in his neighborhood. When he was 18 he got in a fight with his parents then snuck onto a ship heading to Eriadu. He regretfully was trapped there with nothing. He lived in the slums for a year then was found by an ex-Jedi and was trained in the way of the force. Jaga is now in hiding, training on Lehon, awaiting the day for his revelation to serve under General Ashdene (Revan Jafan). After General Revan Jafan was killed on Tatooine. Jaga was the highest ranking Spes. Jaga took Revan's position with revenge on his mind. To him Revan was the closest thing to a father he had left and now Jaga runs Spes trying to be as great a leader and friend to the other Spes as Revan was to him. That is when the rest of the Metus Imperia betrayed Spes on Alaris Prime. This caused Jaga to go into hiding.


Mando- do to him growing up as a mandalorian, he uses there combat techniques and can speak Mando'a

Force- Revan Jafan trained him to use a lightsaber and the dark side of the force



While on Tatooine Jaga fell in love with a twi'lek name Jinya (OOC Kalana Tigerauge, user name KalTigerauge), The princess of a civilized Hoth. While on Bespin they were going to be married when he backed out saying he would never be married as he'd be teased by other Mandos because he had a wife and not a slave. She ran off crying supposedly comitting suicide that night but has been sighted recently several times.