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Jakkar Vanden is a character in Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life.


Jakkar was born on Onderon, though his exact lineage is something of a touchy subject. His mother was Kaali Vanden, a moderately successful holo producer. His father, according to some rumors, was an exiled Mandalorian. Regardless of the truth in those rumors, his parents' meeting was only marginally more amiable than their parting, and bringing up the circumstances on Jakkar's conception has been known to invite a blaster bolt to the leg.

Much of his early life was spent ruining the days of Onderon's more refined denizens. He became a repeat offender with a dedicated cell in the local security force's headquarters. Though he was remarkably good with blasters and piloting, his mother refused to allow him to join any sort of military operation, a choice he always claimed was made in good faith. In an effort to divert his attention to something a little less dangerous, Kaali had a friend who worked in Onderon's recreational hunting business take him along for a hunt. Jakkar discovered his first love on that expedition: killing really big things.

Jakkar grew into a relatively accomplished hunter, but when his mother died during his teen years, he found that here was nothing else holding him to Onderon. Managing to talk a local group of freelance security workers to take him on, he found steady work in hiring out his skills as a guard.

In time, though, it became clear that there wasn't much thrill in watching warehouses and occasionally redirecting a lost tourist. When he met an old mercenary in a cantina on Fondor, he decided to give more forceful work a try.

For the next few years, Jakkar developed his sense of nihilism, capitalism, and bad humor among some of the low-order merc companies in the Outer Rim. He took whatever jobs paid best, regardless of danger or legality. All in all, he had his mishaps, his successes, and everything in between. After a near-death encounter with a Jedi knight, however, Jakkar decided that he needed a more powerful set of friends if he ever wanted something beyond petty piracy.

Traveling to Coruscant, Jakkar sought to establish himself as a legend among the thousands of two-bit mercenaries, pirates, and scoundrels from the out-worlds.

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