James Harrison Norris is a character in the ESCAPE series.

Full Name: James Harrison Norris

Planet of Birth: Naboo

First Appearance: Identity

Last Appearance: Code 14-90

Before the Crash Edit

Lyder Norris's stepfather who walked out on him & his mother when Lyder was just 10 years old. He did this udner unknown reasons but went to join the Empire. He was straight away lead to Titan ONE's project and sent there days later. Before he arrivied he was sent to an unknown spacestation somewhere in the galaxy where he learned about Titan ONE. He was sedated and sent to the planet via a shuttle. Once he arrived he was greated by Hypt who brought him to the Temple to meet the General. He was assigned to become an assassin for them and was given his first mission straight away. Later on after these events he shot a man running away from him on one of the beaches on the planet. The General thanked him and James returned to the Temple.

Years later, General Shiraz came to Titan ONE, and James was on the space station to greet him and bring him to the Medical bay.

After the Crash Edit

He was ordered to assassinate Graziak Kloon on Day Two when Graziak found out alot about surface communications of the Imperials. He shot Graziak at the top of a mountain near an ancient statue of an old Sith Lord. In a vision, Lyder took the place James on Mustafar where he heard constant screaming and shouted "NO!".

After the Rescue Edit

Once Lyder had left the planet, James was down by the back part of the shuttle crash site sobbing that he never got to say sorry to Lyder for abandoning him. Hypt appeared a few moments later telling James that he was about to forfil Code 14-90. Hypt then ordered James to leave to go keep an eye on Lyder until Hypt found them both in the future. Moments before Hypt entered the movement station, James appeared wishing him luck. Hypt thanked him and said he'd see him soon. Then James departed the movement station area to possibly leave.

Current Location Edit

It is unknown if James made it off the planet before the movement.

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