Welcome to the library of JaratengeEdit

(narrator: you have entered the library of Jaratenge, whatever your reason you have looked up a page long forgotten. The only testament of the soldier that was Jamy Haiku. A female artificial intelligence address's you, "Welcome, you have entered search topic JAMY HAIKU."

"Searching topic JAMY HAIKU, document found"

you look upon the document as the AI ends its speech. Narration end)

Biography Edit

A female human, She relied on what was available, skill in mechanics and piloting luck and a trusty blaster pistol.

This is containing the backround information of Jamy Haiku.

new beginingsEdit

Born in a Facility on corusant, raised in an controlled enviornment jamy was experiemented on daily since the day she was born. Waking up to bright lights every morning proceeding with tests of all kinds starting with the eye exam.

Time spent at the FacilityEdit

The eye exam was the first of many tests in the daily regiment. Testing the subjects visual limits, language and other aptitude tests and basic motor function tests, followed by many abstract and complex puzzles and algorithms, ect ect.

The clones were not run from a template but engineered using the somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) technique for creating a clonal embryo, using an ovum with a donor nucleus picking desired attributes from previous specimens to create the a new specimen with the wanted characteristics of all previous specimens. The subject was then monitored looking for any display of change or new ability or oddities. If the subject did not improve it was discarded, that was the way of things.

There were many different kinds of subjects being gathered for different kinds of traits, some cultivated for their mental abilities while other their physical abilities. Subjects were tested for how much stress they could handle and features were gathered for specimens whom could handle high levels of stress and still function properly. All signs pointed toward creating the perfect beings, each with assigned roles to go with established qualities.

Or so thats what was thought, the facility was later destroyed by an unknown jedi faction when Jamy Haiku was still at a fairly young age. Following the destruction of the facility was an entourage of troopers to clean up the mess, the soldiers of the 204th.

The 204th took in the survivors of the facility supposedly out of kindness, but in retrospect could the event have been on purpose to seize such valuable assets for their cause?

To this day no one knows...

The facility was destroyed and not much further data has been collected. Furthermore goverment officials of Corusant were not cooperative in the search to uncover more clues as to the origins and purpose of the facility.

Time spent with the 204thEdit

The soldiers of the 204th took in and trained the survivors in basic combat and field survival. Jamy Haiku's aptitude tests put her in engineering and firearm usage, and she soon found herself fixing up ships and circuitry. Jamy Haiku geared up, and left when training was complete to explore the galaxy. Now that she had seen the outside world she had doubts, What was the purpose of the facility? What was the Jedi faction that destroyed it? And the troopers obviously had something to gain from the destruction of the facility and the recruitment of new super soldiers, where they apart of the whole scheme of things?

She didn't want to stick around though, her longing to see the what was out there was calling to her. She took a craft and set out to see here herself.

Landing on JaratengeEdit

On one of her many stops she landed on Jaratenge, the order was kind their so she stayed, she strictly stuck to her sidearm and chuckled to herself every time someone said, "may the force be with you." All she needed was a little luck and a trusty blaster pistol. On jaratenge she met other troopers of the Blade Squadron, and enlisted. She tried to learn as much as she could.-----------FILE CORRUPTED-----------[][][].....23%

(narration: as you look upon the document the screen flashes red light in the upper right hand corner indicating file destruction. Where you were reading lines start to appear. As you look upon them they spell out a message it says, 'To whom is standing there, I have erased the files containing the location of the lab. If you pursue this topic it will only bring you grief, I suggest you turn back now.' A loading bar appears and then loads the rest of the document.)

The last battleEdit

Little was recorded from this last battle but from one eyewitness whom wishes to stay anonymous has stated that during the fight in sith space Jamy Haiku's weapon discharged and there was a large explosion roughly 30meters in size. Only bits and pieces of her were found, her entrails strewn across the field were tested matching her genetic signature. She has been confirmed dead, yet their was no funeral. Some wonder if this was a cover up of sorts, was it sabotage? It is rumored that there is a hidden laboratory of hers still out there. Moreover although the whereabouts are unknown they may possibly be hidden in the Jaratenge library.