Jaren was the product of in vitro fertilization. Raised by a abusive father who constantly pushed him study and work the fields they lived on Jaren did so for years till he met a orphaned girl when his father found out after a year of seeing each other he tracked the orphan down and brought her to the farm and killed her in front of his son saying "This is the price of wicked men Son". That night had a deep effect on the young Jaren causing him to run away and join up with a revolutionary group on the outer rim.

After aiding the group in over taking the backward ass planet known as Jasier he left, and joined up with GAD in time to fight in the Mandalorian-Sith War. After achieving Captain rank he retired to a peaceful life on Rhen Var living in solitude till he eventually joined up with the GAA and defended Javatenge from the force crazed Mando'ad Uni after defeating her three times they finally captured her hanging her after her trial, again retiring he joined UIM as a Commander due to his previous military career seeing the military as doomed he helped the revolt to over throw it and caused the Sith movement away.

Eventually he joined the ranks of the Mandalorians on Jaiser when he was adopted by the Mandalorian clan Fett soon earning the rank of Alor'ad. After a bloody battle on Bespin he was mortally wounded knowing he was dying already he gave himself up for capture in exchange for Fett walking free only to experimented on his Cellular structure was put into a constant flux causing him to heal faster as well as giving him better reflexes and advance brain capabilities. Deciding to use his new found abilities to earn credits to support the remaining member's of Fett he eventually took up a job as a mercenary which he continues to be to this day.