Jaster Wirefly was a son of a Moisture farmer who lived and worked in the Dune Sea on Tatooine. He strived to become a Mandalorian. Even his family wished this, naming him after Jaster Mereel. Jaster’s Farther believed he was a descendant from one of the clones of Jango Fett. He even owned some Clone Trooper Armor that he gave to Jaster. In 134 ABY Jaster came to Mos Eisley and discovered, in a pile of trash, a Mandalorian Helmet, JetPack and various weapons. Not believing his luck he put on the Helmet and Jetpack, along with his own Armour and set about trying to get work as a mercenary. It wasn't long before the former owner of the items found him and demanded then back. The Mandalorian called himself Sem Talgal and luckily for Jaster Sem Talgal believed his story. Jaster explained why he did what he did and despite Jaster having know true warrior experience The Mandalorian saw potential in the youngster and took him under his wing and later inducted him into the Tal’galar Clan.

Behind the scenes ((OOC Info))Edit

  • The character Jaster Wirefly is played by Jaster Wirefly.
  • Tal'galar is a Mando'a verb, which means "to spill blood/to bleed".
  • The Legacy era timeline was chosen because it’s the timeline in the Little Mos Eisley Sim, within Second Life, where the character is based.