((A page for Jax Ferrion, which will be updated as the charcter progresses. All information that follows is considered OOC knowledge.))

Early Life:Edit

The Sith are often noted for their ability to decieve others, even without the use of the Force. So it was with a Kiffar Sith Sorceress named Shia Kessver. Having feld to Korriban to escape a Jedi Sentinel and delve into ancient Sith secrets, Kessver came into contact with Tavis Ferrion, a human soldier who had been hired as a bodyguard for an enigmatic treasure hunter. Seducing the young soldier, Kessver believed she was merely entertaining herself. However, it came as a surprise to both of them when she learned that she was, in fact, with child.

For fear that her pregnancy would lead to the child being harmed by other Sith, Shia murdered Ferrion and went into hiding deep within the black halls of an ancient Sith tomb. There, she raised the young Jax, who proved exceptionally stong in the Force, intending to make him into the Sith she had failed to be. However, even being raised by a Sith, in the soul-corrupting bowels of a Sith planet, Jax grew to resent the Dark Side in secret, often failing his mother's "tests" on purpose. Perhaps due in part to his poweful connection to the Force, Jax exhibited unusual wisdom and empathy for his age, though his mother tried to stamp out both as weaknesses.

The Force, however, seemed to have it's own ideas for Jax. On his mother's orders, he was exploring deeper into the tomb when he fell through a damaged section of the floor and into an ancient chamber containing the bones of some horrible, twisted creature, and a datapad that had once belonged to a Jedi of the Old Republic. Upon studying the surprisingly funtional datapad, Jax discovered that the Jedi had been sent to kill the creature, a Dark Side abonination, but died in the effort. Though it seemed someone else had kille

d the beast afterwards, the Jedi's account of her Order fascinated Jax, who began to idolize the Jedi as what he had always sought to be.

The final straw came when Jax learned of his father, and the fate which had befallen him. Swearing to become a Jedi Knight and help to destroy the Darkness which had nearly consumed him, Jax stole several Sith relics from his mother's collection, selling them to buy a new starship. Fleeing to Dantooine, Jax took the first step to becoming like the Jedi who's datapad had saved him from a future of darkness.


JaxPadawan 001

Jax Ferrion, Jedi Padawan

If Korriban was a stronghold of darkness, then Dantooine was a beacon of light. After several months of travelling between the worlds of the Outer Rim, Jax found his way to the Jedi world, where he applied and was accepted as a student. After quickly completing his tasks, Jax now spends his time learning about the people of Dantooine. With several new friends, Jax looks hopefully toward a future as a Jedi Knight. Finally, he was chosen by the newly reinstated Jedi Knight Kerian Zakura as a Padawan. After an enounter with the Sith that left his Master badly injured, Jax is all the more determined to become a full Jedi Knight and battle the Dark Side's corruption on a larger scale.

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