Jeal the Twi'lek

Jeal was born on Tatooine into the life of a slave under the cruel Hutt masters. She grew up learning the arts of serving and dancing. Jeal was a bright girl and always smiling till she was given to the spice smuggler Aveon Keemp. Aveon was a cruel master and any time things went wrong would beat Jeal cruly. Aveon was a terrible man and undercut many people including the Hutts.

When the Hutts found out they set a trap for him; as he came into Tatooine he was attacked by bounty hunters. Aveon made a emergency hyperspace jump but was in a hurry so much that the ship was put in the upper atmosphere of the planet Dathomir. The ship crashed into the planet due to this.

Jeal came to hurt and dazed. She found her cruel master dead in the ships torn hull. Scared, Jeal moved away from the ship stumbling around wounded and confused on what to do. She felt her life was over and started crying. At that point she heard a roar of a Rancor, which she knew about and what they could do to someone like her. Scared she tried to run but froze when she saw a blacked robed person. She turned seeing the Rancor come at her. Knowing her life was over she turned to face her certain death. As the Rancor came closer the cloaked figure lifted a hand and the rancor stopped when it felt its bones breaking. The rancor roared in pain and started to charge the cloaked figure ignoring Jeal but did not make it very far as it roared one last time as its vital organs were ripped outwards from its body and collapsed in front of jeal dead.

Jeal turned looking at the cloaked figure. As it approached her fear was replaced with calm as a strange peace fell over her. She watched the figure come close and heard the voice, like that of a goddess soft and peaceful. The voice asked her her name. She said Jeal was her name. The Voice asked why she was on the planet and Jeal explained. The voice asked who her master was and without a thought she said "You are". The cloaked figure then came towards the girl her hand raised and a warm feeling fell on the Twi'lek; her wounds were healed and she could not believe the feeling running through her body--was it hope or something else? She knelt in front of the cloaked figure and pledged to always serve her new master and never leave her side.

As time went on, she went with her new master throughout the planet watching and listening to what was going on. Watching her new master fight the Nightsisters and taking copies of the Book of Law and then Book of Shadow from them. Then returning to the hidden shuttle of her new master, they left Dathomir and headed to her new home Byss.

On Byss she learned her master was the head of the Sorcerer, Witch order of the Dark Lords of the Sith that lived on the planet. Once on the planet, Jeal found herself alone as a slave, cleaning and doing meals for her new master. Later on, she started working as a server and dancer at the dive cantina on the planet. Jeal has found that her Master is a very rewarding one; she has a wonderful living quarters, clothes, food, all she could wish for and the feeling of protection. Jeal never had any of this before; now that she has them she knows her place and is unbelievably happy to serve this Sith Lord.