Jeebo Jazeson Jay, the Mercenary Shapeshifting Shi'ido.

Pre-RP BackgroundEdit

Jeebo Jazeson Jay is a Shi'ido, a species that can mould and shapeshift their body into nearly anything, trees, beasts and even other species, with no pain brought to them, as well as that they can store several items inside of them so that when they shapeshift, the armor/clothes or weaponry they stored inside comes out onto the body. 

Not much is known about Jeebo's past, what we do know is that he is Three-Hundred and Nine-Teen (319) years old. We also know that Jeebo has fought in many battles in his time, and has a long time to live still, he saw the whole galaxy change, and was one of the Jedi who survived the Knight-fall.

He fought in both the Clone Wars, and other wars in his prime years, unlike others, Jeebo got the hang of shapeshifting MUCH earlier than other Shi'ido, maybe this was because of his force sensitivity, this also made him a great choice to infiltrate enemy bases and if needed be, assassinate them. 

It is known that Jeebo's parents were killed when he was about 57, this counted as still the 'teen' years for the species, however, Jeebo did not react to badly, and instead of being trained by his parents (Which were Jedi) he was now trained by the Jedi order on Coruscant. 

Jeebo survived a long time to see the Knight-fall, and to see Anakin turn to Vader, he has seen many Jedi that are now known as Legends, and has actually been close friends with them, such as Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan and others. Jeebo's weapon is a Double-Bladed Lightsaber, one side being Purple with a Black Core, and the other Purple with a White Core.

Jeebo was a very great Jedi in his years, and he was assigned on to Master Kit-Fisto after the death of his first padawan, by the council, seeing as he had great potential in him via the Force, but his future was dark and mystical, the Jedi risked it. However, in his years he was trained by many Jedi, and would prove to become a great warrior in both Physical and Melee as well as The Force, but with every plus comes a minus, Jeebo was always wanting a fight, and always wants action, he is never patient and can be found fiddling around quite a bit, and isn't very compitent, his manners aren't the best and he can't keep a conversation for too long, as well as that, he is very into women, and can be flirting and showing off a lot.

After the Knight-fall, he had spent several years in Exile, traveling to planets here and there to learn up his skills with the Force as he was eager for power and knowledge, and was never patient. Jeebo traveled a lot to Dagobah to see an Elder Friend, Yoda. Though the latter sensed that Jeebo was growing powerful, and knew he was going the way of the Dark Side, he was too old to stop him, and died of natural causes, in the company of Luke Skywalker.

The Emperor -Sidious- sensed that there was a chance of expoliting this Jedi, and taunted him bit by bit to become the Assassing of the Empire. Just as Anakin, Jeebo grew into the powers of the Sith, and wanted more and more, after years and years of training to now be a Dark Lord, by Darth Vader, he was nominated the title of Darth Jazeson, and that is what Jeebo was now called.

Jeebo wore a hood, durasteel plates, and a gas reciperator on his mouth. He never had a true form, or at least he never returned to it, and always changed if he wanted to. After years of being Darth Vader's Assassing, he quit from that, and took all his skills to become a... Bounty Hunter. Yes, many wonder why, but they never know, he joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild and completed many Bounties, being very credit-hungry and always wanting the action.

Jeebo wasn't chased by the Imperials though, this is because he faked his own death, and took up his name as plain 'Jazeson'. Friends he can trust know him as Jeebo Jazeson Jay, but no authority has returned unharmed from attempting to search him.

-Written by Jeebo Jay (Jazeson Resident), Edited to perfection by Mirongrass.

RP Started (Basing of things that were Role Played)Edit

After a lot of years, Jeebo reached the age of Three-hundred and Nine-teen. Up to this day he still Bounty Hunts and accepts other tasks given to him, such as smuggling and assassinating, capturing and so on. Jeebo founded his own private group of Bounty Hunters, they called themselves The Avenger Killers. Jeebo looked into his stash kept out in the Dunes of Mos Eisley and found a deactivated and damaged Battle Droid of his, a B2 Droid he aquired from a VERY long time ago, in the Clone Wars, as a trophy. Jeebo took this droid and reparied it, modified it to have the latest software and weaponry as well as protection, and programmed it to be his personal assistant. Now with a whole group under his command, Jeebo got himself a space station high above orbit of Tatooine, this station was armed with heavy weaponry as well as powerful Thermal Shields, and due to this it was his and the group's base of operations. Jeebo changed from his Lightsaber to blaster weaponry for the time being, simply being because the Imperials had suspicion that 'Darth Jazeson' was still alive, and were on searches, hopefully his shapeshifting and new temporary way of fighting style would get them of his back for long enough until he could use his Lightsaber again.

The Group and Jeebo have completed several jobs together, and lived off their credits in the space station, enjoying their way of life. However, when he was assigned a Job by someone who would do nearly anything to destroy a group filled with Amarans and other furs, thats where his group began to sink. Jeebo placed many attacks on this group, it was located on Tatooine, and known as Starwind. But nearly every attack failed, whenever they got their hands on one of the memebers, they seemed to be able to escape, whenever they attacked, they were able to fight back.

Jeebo met a person who had a bounty on his head, this person was known as Umbra. As Jeebo held a weapon to Umbra's head to collect the bounty, Umbra promised that he could aquire something for Jeebo that would be worth twice as much as what he would get for handing him over. Of course this caught the attention of Jeebo, and he took up the offer, asking for a hundred hand held, anti blaster, Thermal Shields, for free, which would aid him in the battles against Starwind. 

Umbra used a terminal on Mos Eisley in the cantina to call a manufacturing company he had good ties with, and asked for extra protection from Jeebo's group, because he was hunted across the whole galaxy by a man named Sorrow. Jeebo agreed to this, and made sure there were droids protecting Umbra.

Weeks later, the droids came back, only some of them, badly damaged, reporting that Umbra was captured and now behind bars, or well... ray shields. This annoyed him, but after a few days good news finally came. Nightsisters had remembered an old favor that Jeebo has done them in his young years, and gifted him with a Rancor that he could control using a special magical orb they had too gifted him. This was great timing, it was just this time that he wanted to know the insides of the base that Starwind had, so that he could infiltrate them. 

After several long attempts, he was somehow able to pursuade Starwind to take the big Rancor as a pet, the Rancor automatically giving it's progress to Jeebo as it had been granted intelligence by the Nightsisters. Just as Jeebo thought he was ready, he and a Bounty Hunting friend of his arrived at the gates of the Starwind base, holding their weapons at their ready as Jeebo contacted the Rancor to tell him to attack and open the doors from the inside, however, the Nightsister's power proved to be good, but this did not help Jeebo and his group, because the Rancor grew so intelligent and he grew to like the people around the fur group, and the orb automatically shattered, the Rancor had now gained it's free will, and instead protected the family.

Knowing they now had no 'special weapon', Jeebo's friend gave up, and killed herself, a suicidal act. Jeebo was now on his own, but was able to escape by throwing a tear gas bomb and escaping. Knowing that his attempts were now failing, he was irritated, and ordered his personal B2 droid that he modified to its limits, to go and intercept one of the fur group's members, and use his to ransom out enough credits to get yet another 'special weapon', but this time something better. The droid was able to take down a young Amaran and hold him hostage in a building on Mos Eisley, however, when the droid attempted to go upstairs and take a check, it returned down, just to find out that the Amaran was rescued and not there, this made Jeebo even more mad, and he ordered the droid to come back to the space station. 

Days later, Jeebo ordered the droid to go back down to the planet, and attack using a weaponized shuttle, but it returned to once again say the mission was a fail. Angry, Jeebo sent the droid down to call the group's Leader, known as Gryff, to come out and battle the droid, blaster to blaster. Knowing that the droid, even with its Thermal Shields, would stand no chance against the Amaran, he had a plan. The droid battled, and the fight ended rather swiftly, the droid broke down and auto destroyed itself, exploded. Gryff escaped before the explosion hit him, but Jeebo's plans were exactly that, he took the scraps of the droid, and inspected the weapons the leader used, wanting to create a shield against the blasters.

However, Jeebo thought about it all, and knew it was way too much of a hussle, out of anger of the long mission that came to a failure, he disbanded the group, and destroyed the Space Station, so no evidence of him would be found, he changed his form to become a Shistavanen now, to no longer be a clone looking human.

Jeebo thought he spent long enough with his blasters, and that the Imperials would have just forgot about it, seeing as a VERY long time has passed now, and both Sidious and Darth Vader were dead, and the Imperials would not have bothered. Jeebo finally took up his Double-Bladed Lightsaber again, and continued to do Bounty Hunting jobs, but now mostly alone, and with no group. After a long time, he was finally once again contacted by the same person that had contacted him long ago to destroy Starwind, and now asked Jeebo to capture a Mandalorian known as Mirongrass Rez, who was also part of this Starwind group. Jeebo accepted the job and set off back to Tatooine once again, he spotted Rez and -via comm- threatened that he would once again attack Starwind and cause havoc, hurting the people that he called 'family'. Rez gave over, he was already harmed from earlier, and gave up, Jeebo was supposed to deliver Rez to Byss, to an enemy of Rez, a Sith of the Robes of The Hand.

As Jeebo took Rez prisoner aboard his vessel, he stopped on an asteroid to both let his damaged Hyper Drive recharge, as well as take some files he left there a long time ago. This asteroid was like a hangar, and not used at all, the best place to store some items. Jeebo decided to use this moment for entertainment as well, placing Rez in a capsule and activating electricity which would hurt Rez. Though, unexpectedly, Rez put a tracking beacon on Jeebo's ship before his departure, and two Amaran had arrived to this lost Asteroid, they entered, and after a long battle had got Jeebo down by cutting off one of his arm by a Lightsaber, and saved Rez. Jeebo attempted to use a fake cyanide tooth that would only make his pulse slower and breath slower to try fake his death once again, but before he was able to do so, the Force Sensitivity of one of the Amaran's had worked, and they took the tooth out before he could do anything.

Taken down in a vessel, Jeebo was taken into custody in a building, seeing as the base was destroyed by the leader, and the details still elude Jeebo to this day. The Amaran did not know who this male was, simply because he took up another form at this time, and had no idea of their past with him, it was what Jeebo loved to do. However, after some event had happened whilst Jeebo was asleep in his 'cell', the building collapsed, and the Shi'ido escaped, his arm was healed by one of the Amaran, but he wouldn't have needed healing, seeing as he could have moulded another one on easily.

Once Jeebo escaped, he traveled back to his home on Zoist, there he changed his form yet again, now looking as a Rodient. Like always, now that he changed his appearance, he also changed the clothes, but kept his weapon and fighting style the same, seeing as it was what he sepcialized in. Jeebo traveled on another assignment to Tython, to battle Jedi there, and work with Sith to release a virus that caused the planet to close down for some time, but this event was over quickly, and after Jeebo got his pay, he went away to a planet in the outer rim, Bakura.

On Bakura, Jeebo got another quick assignment, to capture a Bakuran Governor. At first, Jeebo's mission was a success and he was able to get the Governor to the randezvouz point, but shortly after that, Bakuran Authorities had spotted him, and after a fight, took him to a holding cell. An extraction team of Bounty Hunters took out the guards and helped Jeebo escape, this was 'repayment' from the man who gave him the assignment to capture the governor, probably for information, but Jeebo didn't ask for the details. Jeebo also received a payment for the job, and with that, he changed his form to Half a Zabrak and Half a Human, as if being a human with Red skin and the Zabrak Tatoos, but not feeling like he wanted to shapeshift the horns on, and the clothes, so that the authorities wouldn't be able to track him down as easily, and flew back home, to Zoist. 

On Zoist, he was approached by a Mandalorian figure, once again, Rez. Jeebo apologized to the Mandalorian, saying that it was a job, and that Rez should understand. Rez didn't care, he knew it was merely a job, and said no apology was needed. Rez hired Jeebo for a job, to acompany him to Tatooine, where the two set up droids across the city to protect and safe guard an Amaran as well as Starwind, ironically being the exact opposite what he did years ago, but the only one that knew who Jeebo actually was, was Rez, and he agreed to keep it a secret, seeing as the Shi'ido was greatl helping him and his loved ones out. Jeebo and Rez were invited to have dinner with two Amaran, the leader, Gryff, and his fiance, Sybil. Seeing as Jeebo's manners weren't at their best, like always, he had been a bit sloppy, and even hyper at times, but the two coped.

After their dinner, Gryff said that he would arrange a room for Jeebo, seeing as he was helping Starwind, even though it was a job for him, he grew compassion for these people. Jeebo agreed, and after the dinner had departed with Rez for a perimeter sweep. Jeebo and Rez traveled out to the Dunes, the place where the two didn't place droids, because there wasn't any threat from there to the city it seemed. The two decided to look around, maybe learn a bit more about this not populated part. They got into what seemed to be a hutt place, and were attacked by imperial droids. The two fought the droids off, and after that they escaped, destroying the last of the droids and returning to the city on their speeders.

Jeebo and Rez are working hard to get to the bottom of who placed a Bounty on Rez's friend, Sybil, and it is why Jeebo is acompanying Rez at this time, on Tatooine he had been found to talk to quite a lot of people, but no one knew who he really was, except from Rez.

-Written by Jeebo Jay (Jezeson Resident), Edited to perfection by Mirongrass.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jeebo is now Three-hundred and Nine-teen and has done a lot in his life, he has still got a long way to go and is looking forward to it all. Though Jeebo's parents were killed by Sith, he does not hold any revenge what so ever, instead, he wants more action and wants to fight with nearly everything he sees, just an automatic reaction, this is why he is a Bounty Hunter. Jeebo can be found very talkative, but overall he is pretty mystical and dark, not many people realize who he is after shapeshifting, and he likes to keep it that way. Jeebo is VERY flirty when it comes to attractive women, and always tries to show off, as well as that, his manners and general knowledge isn't as good as it should be, and quite a lot of the time, his Missions come out to be a failure if he acts and commands by himself, but this pays off simply because he can learn something really fast and his shapeshifting helps in thigs such as; Infiltrating, Assassinating, etc. Jeebo at this exact moment is holding the form of a Zabrak with no horns and less Tattoos.

Jeebo owns a Head Hunter X-Wing and a modified Alpha Hover-Bike. The Shi'ido uses his Double-bladed lightsaber, and The Force. Even though he has normal handling with weapons, and can get a few good shots in, his Lightsaber skills are no match for those of his Blaster. Jeebo uses his skill in his Bounty Hunting, loving successful missions and loving the feel of getting credits. Whilst on jobs he is usual very loyal to the person he got given the job by, and if it is a job, he accepts those of which are to battle and fight, or capture with action, not boring political things.

-Written by Jeebo Jay (Jazeson Resident), Edited to perfection by Mirongrass.


The account is Jazeson Resident, and yes, this account is fairly new, just as the player. The player is now getting to the first year of the account creation, yet still is learning how to RP properly, so excuse him if he is getting on your nerves, I understand. Due to the player's lack of skill in RP, it is suggested that you do not battle him using FFC, but meter instead, RHCS prefferably. The player's use of punctuation and spelling is not good either, so excuse him for that. If you do not get an answer on IMs, then it is probably because the player didn't realize it, or can't open it for some reason, this happens. If anything silly and bad happens, like breaking the rules, please contact Mirongrass (Soron2009 Flux). Thank you for understanding, and sorry in advance!